Tremble, Tremble, Pant, Pant

Happy Thorsday!  Because life keeps getting in the way, this is a vet report from Gretchen’s 6 month check-up on Tuesday.   Yeah, Sissy’s eye pressure checks get reported almost instantaneously and the wee one has to wait 36 hours or so for a well-visit report, but Gg is well and Sissy is high maintenance.

UntitledDespite how cute and concerned she looks here, the girl was a white-hot mess.  I’m not sure that’s a real expression, but regulars who follow my blog will know I’m quick to turn a phrase and invent words.


She was beyond stressed.   The Knight is guessing it was part separation anxiety, because she and Sissy are so very attached to each other.   Again, regulars will know the little girl doesn’t ride well either, so… another stressor.  The vet did confirm that she isn’t always so stressed, and said that particularly following Gretchen’s nasty bite wound in the winter, vet stress wasn’t unheard of.

Our action plan is to take the girls to the vet together in the future, and I’m going to invest in more DAP products, as they seem to work and Gg can’t reject them the way she does calming chews, Thundershirt and especially, prescriptions for anxiety. 

We are so very grateful for our new, wonderful vet.  I wonder if Texas A&M Vet School teaches sweetness and compassion, or if it’s a coincidence that Dr. D. and Wondervet are both just so awesome?  Dr. D. had won me over months ago, but watching her plop down in the floor (in black pants!) and “make nice” with Gretchen before the exam just renewed that happy feeling that we’re in the right place.   Despite Gg’s full-blown panic attack, she was happy to go to Dr. D. when called, and she even gave the good vet a kiss or two.

Does anyone else have a dog that likes moral support at the vet’s?


7 Responses to “Tremble, Tremble, Pant, Pant”

  1. Dogwood Pine Cone? « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, little friday and Thankful Thursday.  The girls’ blog features Gg’s vet visit report, but it was routine, for those who don’t click over.  Here, I’m going to share the new […]

  2. Sue Says:

    We started the buddy system with Lucy and Bentley because Bentley got so nervous that his legs would buckle. When Lucy went with him he needed to show her how brave he was. Lucy also used to go with Morgan, then Morgan started going with Samba and others to prove it wasn’t torture. Now we almost always take a watcher along. It calms the one being worked on and shows the other one that there’s nothing to worry about.

    Of course we often take the four Portie sisters together and it sometimes turns into a circus. But everyone deserves a little amusement, even vets.

  3. Team Beaglebratz Says:

    Mom Kim here – If I have to go by myself then it is usually just one at a time – I have to use public transportation if just me so 1 at a time is all I can handle and I really lucked out (or maybe the Beaglebratz know that’s just how it has to be) but they both behave well however each still like me around for the moral support …. until they start getting the loving and scritches and kisses from the vet and assistant,
    Mom Kim

  4. Ruth Says:

    I am able to handle the stressed one better if I can devote all my attention, and hands, to her, without tracking Misty as well. So, guess who stresses?

  5. Nancy Says:

    Look at those eyes – poor Gg looks scared to death.

    Glad that you found such a wonderful vet: your fur-girls deserve the very best.

  6. Mitch and Molly Says:

    It sounds like you really love your new vet, Gg! We’re happy to hear this!
    Angel Maggie liked having mom standing next to her when she was on the exam table for moral support.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Katherine Says:

    So glad you have a great vet!! We do as well so I know how blessed it makes you feel. Macy doesn’t mind going to the vet alone but Max has a nervous fit any time he is separated from Macy. The last time DH took Macy to the vet, I stayed home with Max and until that day had no idea it was so bad! He cried real tears, howled and sobbed while running back and forth between the front and back doors. It was so bad that I recorded it with my phone. I was sure DH would never believe his separation anxiety was THAT bad!! Sp we also have to take both dogs to the vet from now on.

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