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September 26, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  We love routines, and Mama has been busting ours up lately.  Boo, hiss!  Yesterday was especially ridiculous; she got home a little late and then had a phone meeting.  WHAT?!  And Sissy kept getting in trouble for trying to remind the woman it was walk-walk time.

UntitledThis was at the end of our walk.  Instead of letting me – Gretchen Greer – run free when we got to our drive, she tried to stage us for a photo.  We weren’t so cooperative, because there were deer to chase and …

Don’t you like routines?

Probiotic Thorsday

September 19, 2013

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  So… we’ve had two probiotic feedings for Sissy.  She wolfs the powder on down, but as the dogs and I are together virtually 24/7 right now, I can report that unless it’s happened in the pen when I turned my head… there’s been no pooping since she began the probiotic. 

Is this normal?  Do I need to put the doggy door block in so she can’t go out when *I* am in the bathroom and might miss the moment?  She’s showing no signs of distress at all, but regular readers know I’ve spent almost all of Sissy’s life obsessing about her … output. 

Sorry for the not-rosy topic today, but I need your input…

Here we go again…

September 17, 2013

The good news:

Sissy’s eye pressure is fine.  For the first time I can recall, all three readings were the same – 9.  Sissy appears healthy and happy.  Sissy is a wonderful patient.  We have a fabulous vet. 

The not good news:

Sissy’s stool/anal gland issues are back. 

How we got there…


Calm and … not

Her stools have been softer and sometimes just plain loose this summer.  I blamed it on heat stress.  Her diet hasn’t changed.  They did a fecal exam yesterday just because I wanted to rule out what we could, and it was “perfect” – whatever that means.  (Good bacteria was present, bad wasn’t…  I get that, but…)  Neither Dr. D nor I like to give the dogs antibiotics if it isn’t necessary, so that was nice to rule out.

So, before we restrict her already grossly restricted diet (just because we don’t have any better ideas), we’re going to try a probiotic.   I already know a few of our doggy friends and even one kitty friend have had very positive results with said supplements, so… stay tuned.

And yes, both girls went to the vet.  It wasn’t planned that way, but oddly, Sissy is more relaxed when Gretchen goes along.  Gretchen is NEVER relaxed, so it’s still stressful for me, but hey… at least Sissy seems to like having her anxious little sister along for moral support, and the fabulous Dr. D doesn’t mind either.

She did announce Gg is an aggressive kisser.

Hot Runnin’

September 12, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  Sissy DIVA was a little annoyed that she didn’t get any “face time” last week, so here she is, being impatient, ready to GO. 


The girl is a RUNNER.   She doesn’t care that the temperature has been above 90 degrees lately.  She gets fussy when we don’t walk as soon as I get home in the afternoon.  She pouts.  She pushes.  And this week, when we’ve had to wait until after dinner to walk (because of the heat), she’s demanded that we run. 

Silly dog.  You get hotter, faster that way.   But I can’t resist my cute, demanding personal trainer!   (And yes, the leaves are falling already.)


Birthday Gear

September 5, 2013

Happy Thorsday!   I – Gretchen Greer – got PANK goodies for my birthday last week. 


The jury is still out on the harness.  I like a step in, “vest” style harness, and this one is a pain to get into.  This one has a weird … zip-tie-like neck adjustment that Mama never gets just right, and then it only has one clip there on my left side for the back. 

The leash is cool, but SHORT.  It’s Flexi’s City series, so it’s shorter, reflective, lighter in Mama’s hand, and features that ribbon/woven strip the length of the leash, which she prefers.  Did I mention it’s SHORT?   That’s my only complaint, and Mama is a good sport about switching to my old harness and longer leash for our trail walks.  This one is just for down the road and back walks, which I guess is okay.

Does anyone else pout when they don’t like their collar/harness/leash?