Hot Runnin’

Happy Thorsday!  Sissy DIVA was a little annoyed that she didn’t get any “face time” last week, so here she is, being impatient, ready to GO. 


The girl is a RUNNER.   She doesn’t care that the temperature has been above 90 degrees lately.  She gets fussy when we don’t walk as soon as I get home in the afternoon.  She pouts.  She pushes.  And this week, when we’ve had to wait until after dinner to walk (because of the heat), she’s demanded that we run. 

Silly dog.  You get hotter, faster that way.   But I can’t resist my cute, demanding personal trainer!   (And yes, the leaves are falling already.)



6 Responses to “Hot Runnin’”

  1. Just Vegg’n « Chan Knits Says:

    […] We’re rather Sissy-centric this week, so please click over and admire the grinning girl on their blog.  […]

  2. kathy boyer Says:

    Awww a personal trainer with enthusiasm is a mUST

  3. Sue Says:

    My pack is happy to chill in the A/C this week. They’ve accepted that I can’t walk with them and as long as I can turn the hose on, they’re happy.

  4. gmarie Says:

    That girl. Oh my – that girl. g

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    We must have our walkies too so we totally understand, Sissy! A lot of our walking route is shady. We hope yours is too!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Nichole Says:

    Great pic – she definitely looks READY to Go!

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