Probiotic Thorsday

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  So… we’ve had two probiotic feedings for Sissy.  She wolfs the powder on down, but as the dogs and I are together virtually 24/7 right now, I can report that unless it’s happened in the pen when I turned my head… there’s been no pooping since she began the probiotic. 

Is this normal?  Do I need to put the doggy door block in so she can’t go out when *I* am in the bathroom and might miss the moment?  She’s showing no signs of distress at all, but regular readers know I’ve spent almost all of Sissy’s life obsessing about her … output. 

Sorry for the not-rosy topic today, but I need your input…


6 Responses to “Probiotic Thorsday”

  1. Downward Dog « Chan Knits Says:

    […] tongue is out on the post on the girls’ blog as well.  This however, is Sissy’s ideal pose.  I don’t […]

  2. sue Says:

    It hasn’t stopped my dogs but it does slow them down.Have you checked the pen?

  3. km Says:

    Oh my…our Holly must go 5x/day. I feel bad for the boy whose job is to pick up the mess in the yard. I think he would prefer a slower system. Have you ever fed her green beans? Is that something she would be allergic to? The vet recommended them to keep Holly’s calorie count down. On top of her kibble she gets steamed zucchini or green beans and sometimes baked or sweet potato. If she doesn’t get enough greens with her dinner, she’ll eat plants in the yard.

  4. Ruth Says:

    Your momma is potty obsessed! Perhaps Gg should speak to her about proper subjects for polite conversation?
    Woofs….Sasha (Misty can’t be bothered)

  5. Dexter Says:

    My momma is fixated on my poops as well. She hates to miss any event. When I had a sleepover at daycare recently, I didn’t poop for 24 hours after I got home and she was freaking out. Chill, I said. Hopefully things will move along at their own pace.


  6. Nichole Says:

    It’s never stopped my dogs either… it slows down and helps to re-firm up the bad stuff, but never outright stopped anything.

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