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Taco Faerie

October 30, 2013

This is for Alison and Fudge, and everyone else who loves puns, fairy tales and silliness.

Once upon a time, there lived two dogs in the woods.  These were no ordinary woods; they were magical.  Deep in the woods lived an old Ent, and he watched over the woods and all who passed through his woods.  He was well-connected with the other magical creatures.  It was rumored that the Easter Bunny hopped through the clearing near the river in the summer, and when the leaves begin to fall, the elusive Taco Faerie might be seen darting along the paths, frolicking with the deer and the horses in the nearby fields.


Gretchen here.  I’ll take it from this point, Sissy.

Sissy has never sat through an entire fairy tale in her life, whether Mama was telling us the story or I was reading it to her.  At least now you know how Mama got the idea that we wanted to be a taco AND a faerie for Halloween, and we have documentation that Sissy can not only spell frolicking but she used it in a sentence.


The Taco Faerie might have stolen some cheese

Hold on…  The DIVA wants to finish her story.  Please note that I have no part in her punny fairy tale confusion!

Gretchen seems to think some of you have never heard of the Taco Faerie.   I know better!  Everyone knows that when humans put money through a neighbor’s window without getting out of the car, the Taco Faerie rewards them for their generosity and kindness with a yummy, crunchy taco and a carbonated beverage.  So of course, you know why our costumes do make sense.  Poor, overly intellectual Gg.  She can read in three languages but she’s weak on her folk lore.

Happy Howloween!  Are you dressing up?

Boots vindicated

October 27, 2013

… or the post in which Sissy is diagnosed with motion sickness.

The good news:

  1. Her eye pressure was 9 – anything 15 and below is awesome for her.  Under 25-30 is normal for dogs.
  2. Her eye exam was also unremarkable, which is great news, two months shy of the third anniversary of our glaucoma battle’s start.
  3. I wore leather boots and they are water-resistant.  (That’s important… just keep reading.)
  4. We frequent Eye Care for Animals regularly enough that I know where they hide the paper towels in each exam room.  (Also important.  Keep reading.)
  5. Gretchen traveled relatively well, which is to say she only stood up the whole time and trembled, vs. her normal panting, whining, manic pacing.

The bad news:

  1. Sissy has crossed the line from, “Gee…  I wonder if her excessive drooling might mean she’s having motion sickness” to “Sissy gets carsick.”
  2. A basset who ate a full breakfast 2 hours before a 2+ hour road trip can still projectile vomit a TREMENDOUS amount.
  3. I was “that mom.”  The staff was non-pulsed and even gracious, while I was embarrassed and not too worried about Sissy’s own embarrassment and/or concern that she’d upset me.

photo.JPGHonestly, I wasn’t upset at all that the entire toe portion – meaning everything forward of the shaft of the boot – was covered during THE INCIDENT.   We all remarked that it was fortunate that it was below freezing when I left the house, so I did have on my trusty boots instead of cute flats or even sneakers or some other porous footwear.  I was just upset that Sissy and I – with poor Gg in tow – didn’t make it through the doors before THE INCIDENT.  (In Sissy’s defense, we did make it the entire length of a large lobby/wait area, but that pause to open the door was more than she could handle.)

But hey, what really matters is that Sissy had another great eye check-up, Gretchen traveled almost like a normal dog (no, really!) with only some pheromones sprayed liberally before we took off… and my feet were safe and dry throughout THE INCIDENT.

Do your pets dictate how you dress?

Sweet Six!

October 24, 2013


Happy birthday to Queen Sissy DIVA!  We’re counting this as a significant birthday, because almost 3 years ago when she lost her eye, Vision Vet said that if we made it to Sissy’s sixth birthday without incident, then MAYBE we could breathe a little easier.  We’re not ready to be any less vigilant, but we’re always delighted to have a reason to celebrate even more!

Wasn’t she a cutie?  She’s actually about 3 months old in that photo, and had been living with us about a month.  The DIVA was born to strike a pose and still loves to have her picture taken.


October 2008

For her first birthday, Sissy got a puppy.  She really wasn’t happy as an only dog, but she also wasn’t so sure about the wee one that first night, but she switched right over to Sis-ma mode anyway, and STILL has never disciplined the Brat.  As wild and full of herself as Sissy is, she’s never accidentally or otherwise bothered even a hair on Gretchen’s head!

October 2011 004

Birthday 2011

Almost every day of each year has been an adventure with sweet Sis.  She’s our tiara-wearing, one-eyed, queen bee.  It’s our pleasure to be her caretakers, and our entire pack is forever grateful for all the kindness and support through her food allergies and especially the acute glaucoma episode that resulted in the loss of her left eye.  We’re sincerely hoping we have many, MANY more years with this amazing, unflappable dog.

Sweet Sis, I just hope know how very much you’ve given us and feel even a fraction of that joy and affection yourself.

What a Diva Wants?

October 17, 2013

20204_medsHappy Thorsday!  Since the Queen DIVA’s birthday is next week, I – Gretchen Greer – thought we should spend some time reviewing how a Diva-day should be honored.   (She doesn’t know that Mama’s already gotten a Pup Pie for the big day… shhhhh!  It’s even Sissy-friendly and shelf-stable enough to wait for the special day.   Never mind that it’s the day after my own gotcha’ day, so I’ll be celebrating too, whether DIVA likes it or not.)

January 2012 007So, we’ve got a cake – so to speak, and I’m sure there will be gifts (hey Mama!  Sis needs a new leash and a new harness too… but I hope you get her something she actually LIKES).   You know for Queenie’s birthday, there will be a tiara or two involved.

And of course, rain or shine, on a birthday, Mama will have to get herself in gear and walk us, and I’m counting on Dadaw to supply a special dinner, even if Mama is busy or distracted or something.

Do you have any great ideas for celebrating Queen Sissy DIVA’s birthday?

About that routine…

October 10, 2013
joan pic 006

Shadow in the toy pile at work

Happy Thorsday!   This is a bit of a drive-by post, as the humans are busy with the closing of the business, which we hear will bring on even more changes.   However, we hope you’ll think calm, transitional thoughts for Shadow.   Shadow started out as Pop’s dog, but Pop – Dadaw’s grandfather – died, and he went to live with MJ & Dae… Dadaw’s parents.

Just a few weeks ago, Shadow’s step-brother Nick crossed the bridge, and then there was a foster puppy who was only around for a week, and now… this.  Shadow came to work every day with Pop, and then began riding in with Dae, so he’ll be retiring too when the business closes.

I’m sure he’ll adjust.  The inlaws go RVing a lot, and he (and Nick) always go along, so he’s accustomed to just doing what his pack is doing.  But all the packing up and clearing out of 80 years of business is rather stressful for him, so feel free to cross paws, sling drool or whatever works for you in the name of sending Shadow some doggy bloggy love!

Blazing On

October 4, 2013

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  Consider this a paw-blic service announcement.  We don’t know about your part of the woods, but here in ours, hunting season opens on the first Saturday in October.  This means we’ll be wearing our blaze orange when we walk, right through the first Saturday in January, especially when we’re in the woods.

Yeah.  Our walking trails are on posted land, no hunting allowed.  Yeah, Mama and Dadaw only allow the nice neighbor boys to bow hunt on the back of our property, and they grew up with dogs – Boxers and JRTs – and love us, so we know we’re very safe at home, even without the bright orange “we’re not deer!” attire.  But… sadly, not all hunters are ethical, and not all hunters are careful, so … we will be.

January 2011 003And we hope you will be too, if you’re ANYWHERE near hunters or property where hunters might be, whether they’re allowed/invited or not.

Note all of our orange is reflective too.   It’s getting darker earlier and earlier, and we must assure Mama has no excuses.

Safety first, but walk on.