Sweet Six!



Happy birthday to Queen Sissy DIVA!  We’re counting this as a significant birthday, because almost 3 years ago when she lost her eye, Vision Vet said that if we made it to Sissy’s sixth birthday without incident, then MAYBE we could breathe a little easier.  We’re not ready to be any less vigilant, but we’re always delighted to have a reason to celebrate even more!

Wasn’t she a cutie?  She’s actually about 3 months old in that photo, and had been living with us about a month.  The DIVA was born to strike a pose and still loves to have her picture taken.


October 2008

For her first birthday, Sissy got a puppy.  She really wasn’t happy as an only dog, but she also wasn’t so sure about the wee one that first night, but she switched right over to Sis-ma mode anyway, and STILL has never disciplined the Brat.  As wild and full of herself as Sissy is, she’s never accidentally or otherwise bothered even a hair on Gretchen’s head!

October 2011 004

Birthday 2011

Almost every day of each year has been an adventure with sweet Sis.  She’s our tiara-wearing, one-eyed, queen bee.  It’s our pleasure to be her caretakers, and our entire pack is forever grateful for all the kindness and support through her food allergies and especially the acute glaucoma episode that resulted in the loss of her left eye.  We’re sincerely hoping we have many, MANY more years with this amazing, unflappable dog.

Sweet Sis, I just hope know how very much you’ve given us and feel even a fraction of that joy and affection yourself.


9 Responses to “Sweet Six!”

  1. Double DIVA Day! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, as it is Queen Sissy DIVA’s sixth birthday.  You can see more photos of her on the girls’ blog.   Since it’s also little friday and Thankful Thursday, it only seems fitting that I focus […]

  2. Mitch and Molly Says:

    Happy 6th Birthday, Sissy! We hope you have the most special day ever! We just love that last picture of you and Gretchen taken 2 years ago!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning Says:

    Hapy #6 to you, Sissy – we hope you have a very fun day and many more special birthdays to come.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Nichole Says:

    Happy Sweet Six baby girl!

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    Birthday woofs to you Miss Sissy! Sasha and the Old One

  6. Nancy Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sissy!

    You look regal in your tiara, Sissy. I hope you get a special treat tonight and share some of it with Gretchen.

  7. Sue Says:

    We’re six for two more days. Enjoy the coming year.
    The Portie Pups

  8. km Says:

    Sissy shared her birthday with Holly! I had to look in her paper work, but the kids wanted me to write it on the calendar. Happy Birthday Sissy! I”m sure she does know how much she is loved.

  9. Terrie Says:

    Happy birthday, Sissy!! Great photos 🙂

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