Boots vindicated

… or the post in which Sissy is diagnosed with motion sickness.

The good news:

  1. Her eye pressure was 9 – anything 15 and below is awesome for her.  Under 25-30 is normal for dogs.
  2. Her eye exam was also unremarkable, which is great news, two months shy of the third anniversary of our glaucoma battle’s start.
  3. I wore leather boots and they are water-resistant.  (That’s important… just keep reading.)
  4. We frequent Eye Care for Animals regularly enough that I know where they hide the paper towels in each exam room.  (Also important.  Keep reading.)
  5. Gretchen traveled relatively well, which is to say she only stood up the whole time and trembled, vs. her normal panting, whining, manic pacing.

The bad news:

  1. Sissy has crossed the line from, “Gee…  I wonder if her excessive drooling might mean she’s having motion sickness” to “Sissy gets carsick.”
  2. A basset who ate a full breakfast 2 hours before a 2+ hour road trip can still projectile vomit a TREMENDOUS amount.
  3. I was “that mom.”  The staff was non-pulsed and even gracious, while I was embarrassed and not too worried about Sissy’s own embarrassment and/or concern that she’d upset me.

photo.JPGHonestly, I wasn’t upset at all that the entire toe portion – meaning everything forward of the shaft of the boot – was covered during THE INCIDENT.   We all remarked that it was fortunate that it was below freezing when I left the house, so I did have on my trusty boots instead of cute flats or even sneakers or some other porous footwear.  I was just upset that Sissy and I – with poor Gg in tow – didn’t make it through the doors before THE INCIDENT.  (In Sissy’s defense, we did make it the entire length of a large lobby/wait area, but that pause to open the door was more than she could handle.)

But hey, what really matters is that Sissy had another great eye check-up, Gretchen traveled almost like a normal dog (no, really!) with only some pheromones sprayed liberally before we took off… and my feet were safe and dry throughout THE INCIDENT.

Do your pets dictate how you dress?


7 Responses to “Boots vindicated”

  1. Practical Boots « Chan Knits Says:

    […]  Sissy’s vet report actually sets the stage for this post.  Don’t read it while you’re eating […]

  2. Karen Says:

    I’m SO happy that things went well at the vet, but what is it with the projectile vomiting bassets? Sabrina ate an entire bowl of food and drank a gallon of water, then came over to me and literally sprayed all of it on me, the ottoman, stone fireplace that has a woodstove insert, with a roaring fire and the hardwood floor. It seeped into the seam between the stone and floor and sizzled on the stove. The ottoman is cloth and will need to be recovered now, luckily I was barefoot and my clothes were tossed in the wash. The big problem was how to clean the hot metal stove that was now burning vomit and making the house smell unbelievably dreadful? After all that, know what the worst part was? Normally if one throws up, they are mortified- the saddest basset in the world. They need cleaning and comforting. Not this time. The Queen backed up, turned around and went back to the now empty bowl and kicked it. Yeah right! Not my finest basset momma moment. I’m just grateful I wasn’t wearing shoes! 🙂

  3. Nancy Says:

    Oooh, poor Sissy!

    Glad the eye exam results were great, that your boots passed muster, and that Gretchen was less anxious – three good things outweigh one upset tummy.

  4. sue Says:

    Yuck!! I’m ok with poop but I can’t handle vomit. Wouldn’t you know I have several who come to me in order to vomit in my lap. Mac gets carsick so I understand.

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    Our mom wouldn’t have been happy with the vomiting episode either but that’s great news about your eye pressure, Sissy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Katherine Says:

    Congratulations on the good eye exam Sissy! I know how you feel because my tummy doesn’t like car rides to the vet either, so mom refuses to feed me before I go to the vet. Max, on the other hand, always leaves the vet and techs a little something extra for their trouble, but it usually comes from the other end. He always tells me he feels much better when we leave to come home. How would you like to live with THAT?

  7. scrabblequeen Says:

    Good eye exams are the truly important thing, right? Car-sickness…stinketh, no really, it doth. My mom is pretty good with all manner of erm, bodily emissions, and said that bare feet in flip flops are even easier to clean than boots. Goo figure!
    Woofs…Sasha (Misty can’t be bothered any more)

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