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Gobble, Gobble!

November 28, 2013

UntitledHappy Thorsday and Thanksgiving!  We can’t have turkey – Sissy’s allergic – but we’re still celebrating – with fresh blueberries and Banilla yogurt.

Do you get to count your blessings with your people today?  We’re thankful for walks – even if we haven’t had one since Monday – and Sissy-friendly kibble, Mama and Dadaw, and each of you!  Thanks for being our friends.

Enjoy whatever you do today!

Do you PJ?

November 21, 2013

August 2013 005Gretchen Greer here!  Happy Thorsday.  I have a rather personal question for you – the other thin-coated dogs out there.

Do you wear pajamas?  See, I won’t give names and tails – or tales – but a friend wears jammies to bed when it’s cold outside, and her human suggested I might should too, so that I’m not too cold to run outside and potty in the morning.  We’re lucky enough to have a doggy door, so I hate to bother Mama when she’s trying to get ready for work, and then there are the times Sissy the double-coated, never cold DIVA gives a shout out and I NEED to race right out, weather be darned…

What say you?  I do snuggle up close with Mama *IN* the bed at night, so she worries I’d get too hot.  Clearly, we need advice, because she won’t let me wear my pretty Auntie Sus scarf all the time.  In fact, the woman – Mama – wore it herself today!!  Auuuuunnnntttiiiiiiie Sus!!!  Do I HAVE to share?!

One Day of Fall

November 14, 2013

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  We only had one colorful fall day.  Normally, the trees on our road are spectacular, but this year, the frost and the Indian Summer and the rain all arrived at precisely the wrong times.  Please enjoy our lone photo of the color we did get… seriously, just on one day, before it rained and the wind blew, and that was that.

The fur-girls don’t care much at all.  Gretchen isn’t crazy about all the crunchy leaves on the ground, especially when she is searching for the perfect place for some relief, but Sissy loves to leap and pounce in the leaves.

How was your fall color display?


New Diagnosis

November 7, 2013

Look at that waist. Do I look like a food addict to you!? (Never mind. Who cares!? It gets me more pumpkin in my food more often. SCORE!)

Hi.  My name is Sissy and I’m a food addict.

No, seriously.  It’s in my chart now and everything.  Gretchen Greer isn’t being snarky; I’m doing this post on my own, while everyone else makes jokes about my latest trial and tribulation.  Only my pawsome vet, Dr. D., isn’t razzing me about my exploits.  She says she has the same problem, and prescribed high-fiber add-ins at both of my meals.  (Extra smooches for her next time I see her.  I really do have the best vets in the world.)


Mama here.  No, we are QUITE serious, or at least…  Dr. D. and Sissy are.  The Knight is blaming Sissy’s probiotic, but Dr. D. did some research and couldn’t find a SINGLE report of dogs developing extreme hunger or behavioral issues from said product.  Just the same, she agreed it wouldn’t hurt to step Sissy down to a maintenance dose.  This week, we’re doing a half of a packet daily.  Next week, we’ll do half of a packet every other day, and then we’ll drop to half a packet once a week as long as Sis’s digestive system is running … well.

I’m blaming our new schedule that is rather short on routine.  The dogs and I are still logging 20+ miles a week, but I’m gone longer most days than I was with my other job, and the Knight comes and goes very sporadically.  I also moved their morning meal up 30 minutes and their evening meal is still at the same time.

I know several of you have smart, athletic dogs that counter cruise, steal food, etc.  Have any of them been slick enough to get an official diagnosis AND treatment that encourages more human ad-ins!?