New Diagnosis


Look at that waist. Do I look like a food addict to you!? (Never mind. Who cares!? It gets me more pumpkin in my food more often. SCORE!)

Hi.  My name is Sissy and I’m a food addict.

No, seriously.  It’s in my chart now and everything.  Gretchen Greer isn’t being snarky; I’m doing this post on my own, while everyone else makes jokes about my latest trial and tribulation.  Only my pawsome vet, Dr. D., isn’t razzing me about my exploits.  She says she has the same problem, and prescribed high-fiber add-ins at both of my meals.  (Extra smooches for her next time I see her.  I really do have the best vets in the world.)


Mama here.  No, we are QUITE serious, or at least…  Dr. D. and Sissy are.  The Knight is blaming Sissy’s probiotic, but Dr. D. did some research and couldn’t find a SINGLE report of dogs developing extreme hunger or behavioral issues from said product.  Just the same, she agreed it wouldn’t hurt to step Sissy down to a maintenance dose.  This week, we’re doing a half of a packet daily.  Next week, we’ll do half of a packet every other day, and then we’ll drop to half a packet once a week as long as Sis’s digestive system is running … well.

I’m blaming our new schedule that is rather short on routine.  The dogs and I are still logging 20+ miles a week, but I’m gone longer most days than I was with my other job, and the Knight comes and goes very sporadically.  I also moved their morning meal up 30 minutes and their evening meal is still at the same time.

I know several of you have smart, athletic dogs that counter cruise, steal food, etc.  Have any of them been slick enough to get an official diagnosis AND treatment that encourages more human ad-ins!?


7 Responses to “New Diagnosis”

  1. Chewy and Instinct « Chan Knits Says:

    […] you missed Sissy’s latest diagnosis on Facebook, click on over to the girls’ blog for more […]

  2. sue Says:

    I think you might be on to something. Her new behavioral issues started about the time your new job started. Samba was convinved if I wasn’t home at her dinner time that I was never coming back and she had to find her own meal. Those were the times she raided the pantry.

  3. gmariesews Says:

    Very interesting. Food addict. Well – I am. Hopefully the pumpkin will work – maybe I should add it to all of my meals. . . . g

  4. Katherine Says:

    Hi Sissy, Macy here. Our vet calls Max “fat boy” (in a very loving way I assure you). I think that is definitely a diagnosis. I have always been a light eater. Mom and dad left my kibble bowl down all the time and I ate a little when I was hungry. When Max came to live with us we couldn’t do that any longer because he will eat everything in sight, including any of my food that I don’t eat. I think some fur-people are just built that way! He also is very adept at table hopping and counter cruising. Just yesterday I saw him walk across a recliner and across a side table where dad had left a bowl of ice cream. Mom caught him mid-slurp. There is no talking to that boy!!

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    Look at that happy smile on your face, Sissy! We are so happy that you’re working it and scoring!
    One of our neighbors walks by us every day with 3 JRT’s. They’re are barking away at us and we answer them right back. We hope the entire neighborhood wants to get up at 7AM. haha

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. gypsyknits Says:

    Mr. Bettis here: My caretaker doesn’t consider me to be high on the smart scale although she definitely complains regularly about my high energy. *sigh* There’s no pleasing her although dad pats my head and says I’m just a boy.
    I have never had an official diagnosis for partaking in a few yummy people treats. It’s just what I do 😉
    Bring on the pumpkin….

  7. scrabblequeen Says:

    Oh yes! Misty got her doctor to tell Mom that she needed more pumpkin I her dish daily so that wouldn’t eat, erm, inappropriate things….I really can’t complain, though, as I also get a nice bit of pumpkin most days too. Woofs…Sasha

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