Do you PJ?

August 2013 005Gretchen Greer here!  Happy Thorsday.  I have a rather personal question for you – the other thin-coated dogs out there.

Do you wear pajamas?  See, I won’t give names and tails – or tales – but a friend wears jammies to bed when it’s cold outside, and her human suggested I might should too, so that I’m not too cold to run outside and potty in the morning.  We’re lucky enough to have a doggy door, so I hate to bother Mama when she’s trying to get ready for work, and then there are the times Sissy the double-coated, never cold DIVA gives a shout out and I NEED to race right out, weather be darned…

What say you?  I do snuggle up close with Mama *IN* the bed at night, so she worries I’d get too hot.  Clearly, we need advice, because she won’t let me wear my pretty Auntie Sus scarf all the time.  In fact, the woman – Mama – wore it herself today!!  Auuuuunnnntttiiiiiiie Sus!!!  Do I HAVE to share?!


11 Responses to “Do you PJ?”

  1. Whose Walk? « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Thorsday, little friday, thankful thursday and more.  Gretchen is soliciting advice, so feel free to weigh in.   I actually want to share a new find with you.  Our walks are sacred. […]

  2. Karen Says:

    Gg, it’s your friend, Tiffany here. I wear clothes every day, mostly sweaters when it’s cold and I do wear jammies to bed. I have 2 pairs and also wear my sweaters too. I always sleep on my Momma’s head snuggled on a blanket on her pillow and sometimes get tangled in her hair! Lol I do get hot sometimes and then I just slide down by my parents feet and stretch out till I cool down, then go back to my spot. You also know my 3 basset sisters, and only Minnie wears a coat ( she really needs a pretty sweater) because she is so skinny and has joint issues from abuse suffered before she came to live with us. I say, tell your Momma to get you cute sweaters and jammies and wear them proudly. It just ups your cuteness factor. Trust me!

  3. Ruth Says:

    We aren’t thin-coated, but we kinda think your momma might be right about getting too warm in the bed with Jammies. Cute scarf…we think it’s fun that both you and your momma can wear it. Woofs…Sasha and Misty( for a change)

  4. gmarie Says:

    Ha ha! This cracked me up for some reason. Really GiGi? Run out and potty. If you run around you’ll stay warm enough and mom will cuddle you when you get back in! Love the scarf and that you won’t share! g

  5. Mitch and Molly Says:

    We don’t wear jammies to bed but we definitely think that you should if you want to, Gretchen. A girl has to be warm when she has to run outside and potty! You are so considerate to let your mom sleep.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Susan, Cory, Kenzie and Bagel Says:

    Gg, it would be really nice of you, IF you let Mama wear your scarf every now and then!! Not everyday, but just sometimes!!!

    And yes, Kenzie sleeps in PJ’s some nights. She won’t sleep under the covers, so she has PJs. Otherwise, she shivers!!!

    Aunt Sus

  7. Sue Says:

    Morgan sometimes wears a tee shirt because her old bones get chilled on cold nights.The little girls haven’t seemed to mind the cold yet though Syd shivers sometimes. They aren’t very good about wearing anything. They take it as a challenge to get the clothes off and rip them up. Hounds!!

  8. Mango Momma Says:

    I think that you should wear whatever you want. I know once the cold settles in that momma wears a lot of clothes ALL THE TIME! Sleeping or not, she’s bundled up in so many layers I’m surprised she fits through the door.


  9. Marjie Says:

    People don’t dress mastiffs. That said, I recall seeing pictures of Honey the Great Dane wearing jammies. If a big girl like Honey can wear jammies, so can you! And we know Mama loves shopping for clothes, so wouldn’t that be a win for both of you?

  10. Micro Says:

    Micro here…I only wear clothes when my mama makes me (like today when she put me in a stupid elf costume). Otherwise, I run around nekkid. Be free, Gg!

  11. Susan, Cory, Kenzie and Bagel Says:

    Gg, I just read through the comments. No one has asked YOU, Do you think some PJs would feel good??? Kenzie loves her’s.

    Aunt Sus

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