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Ears lookin’ at you

December 20, 2013

f54f5626-2e4a-43c6-b3eb-4491d1b725acFirst, the good news.

Sissy’s eye is doing well.  No signs of anything that might indicate her glaucoma is raging, and her pressure was 12.  (Anything under 15 is ideal for her.)

She’d lost 2+ lbs. in roughly 12 weeks, but as another customer in a pet store put it years ago, “She’s a hard keeper.”  If Sis was a human, she’d be one of those annoying women who actually struggles NOT to lose weight.  The vet tech working the reception desk doesn’t know Sis well and was alarmed, and not terribly impressed with my very cavalier  attitude about the weight fluctuation that is Sissy’s norm.  Of course, our delightful vet just stage whispers to Sissy that most women’s weight goes up, so as long as it comes back down… it’s all good.

The not great news is the DIVA has an ear infection.  In most dogs, it wouldn’t even necessarily need more than extra (daily) cleaning for a week or so, but the basset/long-eared hound owners out there know better.   Dr. D. is confident that it’s merely a result of getting some beach ick in a toenail, scratching one’s ear after some sand blew in, and the rest is history.

UntitledSilly Gg thought she was missing out, so her ears got cleaned tonight too.  I’m betting she won’t take one for the team again.

However, in absentia, Gg still got some of the good vet’s time too.  Seems in a recent continuing education workshop, she heard that as many as 1 in 5 dogs has some sort of mental health issue.  This doesn’t include ordinary behavioral problems, but does include otherwise unmanageable anxiety.  (Hello, Gg?)  She doesn’t have any new treatment plans, but she did think of Gretchen when she heard it.   I don’t know whether that’s comforting or not.

Last but not least, we all have to thank Aunt Sus.  We took the DAP infuser with us, and I set it up as soon as we got in the exam room.  Dr. D. remarked when she came in that Sis was nicely mellow, so evidently, it helps a lot.  Gg has her annual visit next, so we’ll see how my head case does.


Eye’ll be …

December 19, 2013

Happy Thorsday!  Sissy’s going for her routine, local eye pressure check later today.   I’m a little on edge because she’s being clingy and longtime friends and readers might recall she had her original eye problems (read: undiagnosed glaucoma) this time, three years ago, culminating with going blind in her left eye on Christmas Eve.  Never mind that there are no signs or symptoms of any increased eye pressure or other complications.

November 2010 065

So, let me distract you – and myself – with some photoshopped fun from about that time!

Of course, Gg wants you to know that I made her walk with the lighted leash – she hates it – two nights in a row, and Sissy DIVA wants to share that she’s being neglected for human festivities.  Sissy isn’t giving me any points for putting her walks over holiday preparations such as writing out Christmas cards, finishing the shopping, or putting up the tree.

And yes, I’m thinking that for the first time in the fur-girls’ lives, I might put up the full-sized tree.  What say you?  Of course, anything in the range of her basset tail won’t have breakables…

PS – Don’t miss Mama’s neato early gift!

The Most Wooferful Time

December 13, 2013

My first Christmas 2008

Gretchen Greer here.  Happy Thorsday!  I’d like to know what’s so wonderful about this time of year.  Do you get it?  The humans put on their fancy clothes and ditch us more than usual, and there are extra boxes arriving all the time and rarely are they for us.  Hrmph.  Add in ridiculously cold, wet weather…  walks are shorter…  Where’s the wooferfulness of the season?

At least our friends at remembered us.  It’s fun getting packages in the mail.  We wish you some happy packages just for you!

Doggy in the Window

December 7, 2013

A day late and a doggy short!  Hope you had a happy Thorsday.


We went to the beach for Thanksgiving, and we’re just thankful that Mama only brought home a photo of a poster of a puppy in a window.  (And doggy pajamas, but evidently, that didn’t impress them.)


Little ears blowin’ in the wind

It wasn’t the best weather for beach walks and runs, but we got in a walk every day anyway.  Sissy managed to get some bait (salmon, thankfully) off the shore and failed to LEAVE IT! when ordered, and then she was off and on sick for several days.  The Knight and I are NOT in agreement on what led to her episode (I say it was all the swallowed contraband, he thinks it might have been the water [filtered, but not bottled] or even a virus), but we did agree to go back to only serving distilled, bottled drinking water while we’re away from home with the dogs.

She’s all better now, finally.  The jury is still out on the back seat cover/hammock.  We might need a new one.