Eye’ll be …

Happy Thorsday!  Sissy’s going for her routine, local eye pressure check later today.   I’m a little on edge because she’s being clingy and longtime friends and readers might recall she had her original eye problems (read: undiagnosed glaucoma) this time, three years ago, culminating with going blind in her left eye on Christmas Eve.  Never mind that there are no signs or symptoms of any increased eye pressure or other complications.

November 2010 065

So, let me distract you – and myself – with some photoshopped fun from about that time!

Of course, Gg wants you to know that I made her walk with the lighted leash – she hates it – two nights in a row, and Sissy DIVA wants to share that she’s being neglected for human festivities.  Sissy isn’t giving me any points for putting her walks over holiday preparations such as writing out Christmas cards, finishing the shopping, or putting up the tree.

And yes, I’m thinking that for the first time in the fur-girls’ lives, I might put up the full-sized tree.  What say you?  Of course, anything in the range of her basset tail won’t have breakables…

PS – Don’t miss Mama’s neato early gift!


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