Ears lookin’ at you

f54f5626-2e4a-43c6-b3eb-4491d1b725acFirst, the good news.

Sissy’s eye is doing well.  No signs of anything that might indicate her glaucoma is raging, and her pressure was 12.  (Anything under 15 is ideal for her.)

She’d lost 2+ lbs. in roughly 12 weeks, but as another customer in a pet store put it years ago, “She’s a hard keeper.”  If Sis was a human, she’d be one of those annoying women who actually struggles NOT to lose weight.  The vet tech working the reception desk doesn’t know Sis well and was alarmed, and not terribly impressed with my very cavalier  attitude about the weight fluctuation that is Sissy’s norm.  Of course, our delightful vet just stage whispers to Sissy that most women’s weight goes up, so as long as it comes back down… it’s all good.

The not great news is the DIVA has an ear infection.  In most dogs, it wouldn’t even necessarily need more than extra (daily) cleaning for a week or so, but the basset/long-eared hound owners out there know better.   Dr. D. is confident that it’s merely a result of getting some beach ick in a toenail, scratching one’s ear after some sand blew in, and the rest is history.

UntitledSilly Gg thought she was missing out, so her ears got cleaned tonight too.  I’m betting she won’t take one for the team again.

However, in absentia, Gg still got some of the good vet’s time too.  Seems in a recent continuing education workshop, she heard that as many as 1 in 5 dogs has some sort of mental health issue.  This doesn’t include ordinary behavioral problems, but does include otherwise unmanageable anxiety.  (Hello, Gg?)  She doesn’t have any new treatment plans, but she did think of Gretchen when she heard it.   I don’t know whether that’s comforting or not.

Last but not least, we all have to thank Aunt Sus.  We took the DAP infuser with us, and I set it up as soon as we got in the exam room.  Dr. D. remarked when she came in that Sis was nicely mellow, so evidently, it helps a lot.  Gg has her annual visit next, so we’ll see how my head case does.


7 Responses to “Ears lookin’ at you”

  1. Karen Says:

    I’m very glad to hear about Sissy’s eye! Sad to hear about ear, with the 3 bassets, seems like we are always treating someone. I just laughed out loud about Gg taking one for the team! When Tiffany sees those ear cleaner or med bottles come out, she RUNS. Lol! 😜

  2. Mitch and Molly Says:

    That’s great news about your eye, Sissy, but not so great new about your ear. We hope it’s feeling better soon!
    You look so cute in your pank sweater, Gretchen!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Susan Says:

    Glad the DAP helped!!!!

    I have one of the other 1 in 5. I swear Cory is OCD!!!! 😉

    Aunt Sus

  4. Nancy Says:

    Even with the infection, it sounds like all went well.

  5. The OP Pack Says:

    Great eye report, hope the ear clears up quickly. We are using the DAP spray on a bandana to ease Ciara’s anxiety.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. tina s. Says:

    Good to hear the good health report. We always have comments on Honeydew hefty appearance…I tell people to feel her ribs and look from the top of her back down, their response of “well that is the fattest wiener dog I have ever seen!” Does not get them many points either. The vet says she is right where she should be for her bone size at 64 pounds. Happy New Year to you all.

  7. Sue Says:

    My kids have all lost weight this year, even Sebastian, though he has more to lose. My vet likes them to be thin. He says it adds months and sometimes years to their lives.

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