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Lead me on…

January 30, 2014
Image from Arcata Pet Supplies

Image from Arcata Pet Supplies

Happy Thorsday!  Our good friend Sue is having success with a Gentle Leader with her pups.  She caught my attention when she shared that it helps both pulling and screeching.  Given that Gretchen Greer does both when she encounters another dog – other than Sissy, of course – I am going to give it a try.  Sissy will require Vision Vet’s blessing first, as we have to be certain any “headwear” won’t increase eye pressure.

Maybe that sounds silly, but throat pressure does just that – it increases inner eye pressure.

Have you used a Gentle Leader on a wee dog?  This image shows a Jack Russell wearing one, but I prefer REAL references.

Drop(s) Ship(ped)

January 28, 2014

They’re here!  We thank everyone for their concern and good wishes.  The first non-refrigerated, normal drop went in Sissy’s eye this evening and the world is a better place.  We celebrated with a run, since it was also the warmest day in a very good while… with a chance of snow again very, very soon.

Yellow and Cold

January 26, 2014

UntitledNo, not yellow snow, although there’s plenty of that around here too.

This post is all about Sissy’s eye drops.  Because we are over 100 miles from Vision Vet, we sometimes have to have refills of the eye drop that keeps the precious right eye going delivered by UPS.   What we received last week was yellow, not the slightly cloudy version of clear to which we are accustomed.  When I called VV, I was told to cease use immediately and use the emergency drop until the replacement Demecarium arrives.

Luckily, the tech I was talking to was thorough – they all are.  She asked me to read her the expiration date on the Latanoprost I had in Sissy’s medicine bag…  it was out of date!  Fortunately, it’s readily available and $80 and a trip to our pharmacy later, the Knight had the “juice” in hand.

I am still kicking myself.  How did that happen?  Clearly, I’m not being vigilant enough.  There’s something to be said for the old school yard basketball rules, “No harm, no foul,” but …

I’ve saved it all; the yellow “Demecarium” (in quotes because…  who knows?!) and the out of date Latanoprost.   I’m pretty sure Vision Vet will call a team huddle, but if not…  I will.  We need to regroup, figure out what went wrong, and call a new play so this – both situations – doesn’t happen again.

Sissy is NOT amused by the COLD drops.  We’re giving extra treats, and hoping the brown truck brings a return to normal on Monday.

On the Go

January 23, 2014

UntitledWe’ve been on the go.  Well, not the past two days because of the snow, but before that…

On Monday, Dadaw took me – Gretchen Greer – to the vet for my annual visit stuff.  Since I’m at the keyboard, all you need to know is that they’re starving me and the vet doesn’t see how someone who runs 20+ miles a week could GAIN weight.  Hellloooo?!  Muscle weighs more than fat, right?

We wish you a happy thorsday, and maybe normal blogging will resume soon.

So Cold…

January 9, 2014

… that Sissy wore a sweater.


Happy Thorsday!  It’s been quite chilly lately, and for those who have been around a while, you know that Sissy doesn’t get cold so she doesn’t wear coats and sweaters.  Hem.  Well…  when it’s not even 20 degrees and we’re trying to walk, even the Queen DIVA gets bundled up, whether she likes it or not.

Lady Gretchen Greer is sporting her warm, boiled wool coat.

Do you wear coats or sweaters when it’s cold?

And check out my blog for the latest care package – er, product review – from Chewy!