TV Dogs


A very rare Sissy using Gg as furniture moment

Did you see all the dogs over the weekend!?  There was the mouthy (normal!) basset hound pup at the end of the Puppy Bowl commercial, the yellow dog family in the Subaru commercial (Dadaw’s favorite), more yellow dogs in the Budweiser commercial, and the pawsome Mastiff in the Doritos fan-made commercial.

Was your breed represented?  Personally, I’m – Gretchen Greer – still looking for the Jack Russell.  Mama says there have been so many famous JRTs that I can’t fuss but…  I am.  Of course, Mama’s post is all about cute terriers in books she’s been reading, but that’s not the same as being on TV!


6 Responses to “TV Dogs”

  1. Mango Momma Says:

    Well, I was very excited to see the mastiff, but quickly became angry when they depicted the mastiff as a pony. Grrr.

    Mango Momma

  2. Nancy Says:

    I didn’t see the commercials (no cable anymore) but I did see the Budweiser one on Hulu – very cute.

  3. Marjie Says:

    You know I loved the mastiff, even if he did have to become a pony. After all, he did get the Doritos! And of course, I love the Bud clydesdales, especially when they have a dog.

  4. Sue Says:

    No Porties, but we all love the Budweiser ad. Westminster is Monday and Tuesday and I just have a feeling this is our year. I think Matisse may take it and put Porties in the record books.

  5. Edible Celebrations (@lavesta) Says:

    Marjie and I are on the same page for this one, Gretchen. I say it’s time for you to be/make your own commercial. What say you:)

  6. Kathy Says:

    You mean the yellow dog who gets busted for checking out the poodle while his wife is in the passenger seat? Really made me laugh, especially when the camera zooms out and you can see the puppy in the baby seat. Subaru’s dog commercials are good.

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