Three Years Later

Today marked Sissy’s three-year check-up, post eye-removal.   Vision Vet and I now greet with hugs, Sissy hangs out with the staff when I need to “rest” (after our 2+ hour commute), but we’re all counting our blessings and staying vigilant so that the right eye has every chance to stay the course.


Why no, DIVA doesn’t sit in the floor.  Vision Vet actually insists Sis is doing her a favor by sitting in the chair, so Sissy’s DIVA tendencies are reinforced.  Oh – and her eye pressure is a stellar 8.  (Anything under 15 is Sissy’s ideal.  Normal is anything under 20-25.)

The yellow medicine is going back to the supplier for testing and identification.   We have a new prescription for the emergency eye drop, so when the stuff in the fridge expires, it can be replaced, or if we do have to make an emergency run to save the right eye, we can stop at any pharmacy along the way and get more drops.

The Gentle Leader was approved (jugular pressure increases eye pressure), and in fact, Vision Vet believes it will help Gretchen feel more comfortable in the new contraption if Sis is sporting the same.  One purple Gentle Leader awaits in my Amazon Smiles cart.

And the pheromone diffuser Auntie Sus sent?  It made such a difference that the tech began reading the box while VV was finishing up Sis’s exam.  (I left the box with them and just dropped the diffuser and its juice in my purse.  That’s why I carry a large bag!)  VV is going to try them in every exam room, because almost to a patient, the pets in their clinic are stressed in one way or another.  Even if it only helps some, it will make their jobs easier, but they also just want every patient to be as comfortable as they can be.

photo.JPGMost of all though, we’re honored that Sis is now an ambassador of sorts.  All those goofy holiday photo cards I send them have been saved in their break room, and they were used to talk a panicked basset owner into the best surgical option for her pet after seeing Sissy and her perpetual “wink.”   And our success (to date – we take NOTHING for granted!) managing Sissy’s eye pressure for three years and counting gave an Akita owner hope that his active, young dog might not have to lose both eyes to glaucoma.

Sis gets most of the credit.  Her perseverance, her refusal to slow down or play the role of a handicapped creature has made it easy to ride the waves and take good care of her.  And most people actually find it irresistible when she just assumes they want to pay homage to her.  Go figure.

(As an aside, look how much she’s faded just in one year!  That photo was taken Feb. 3, 2013.  Wow.)


4 Responses to “Three Years Later”

  1. Celebration! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] marks a milestone for Sissy and her eye care.   She and Gretchen celebrated with some new treats I’ll review on […]

  2. Sue Says:

    Yeah for Sis! Keep that pressure down. I’m glad you got the go ahead on the halter. I think Mac feels better about hers knowing that Syd is wearing one too. Makes it less of a punishment and more of a fashion statement.

    I wondered if your camera was doing funny things when I saw the first photo. Sis looks faded. Has her color really changed that much? Brown Porties are known to fade, but so far Fudge has kept his dark color.

  3. gmariesews Says:

    Yea for Sis – being an ambassador is hard work. It’s probably a good thing she doesn’t let it humble her much. I think ‘greyed’ girls are beautiful! Love you all – g

  4. KM Says:

    I can’t believe how light Sissy’s ears have gotten! Glad to hear she celebrated another milestone.

    Holly’s registration came. And I picked up another bag of her dog food. She’s still at her “foster home” but they are calling this situation temporary. I think they are waiting on me to “forgive” her and take her back. She was boarded at the vet while her “fosters” went to Vegas for a wedding. She tolerated a bath and nail trim. She didn’t have any problems with the staff. Got 2 walks per day. Good to hear she didn’t try to bite.

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