It’s Thorsday After All!

ace81740-5e8f-47e4-a60e-9b295ea8c9a4Mama is too busy being busy, so enjoy some streamside snow hopping from our attempt at a walk last weekend.  We’ll call this one…


There are goats across the river, and Sis is intrigued.  The snow drifted quite a bit in the riverside “alley” and so, we actually had to turn around right here because Gretchen Greer had to leap and bound to get through the stuff.

73b4ca43-84c4-42c2-bfd4-a5c9f23d4ebaAnd here’s Look Right.

Well, sorta’.  At least they’re both pointed in the same general direction…

That’s kinda’ how life in the woods has been going this week.


3 Responses to “It’s Thorsday After All!”

  1. Roses Aren’t Red « Chan Knits Says:

    […] you’re looking for fur-girl photos, click over.   I’ve missed two days of walks this week, but I did manage a couple of new photos and a […]

  2. nancytimber Says:

    Looks like you got a respectable amount of snow. I know you were wishing for more.

  3. Sue Says:

    After a weekend in the 70s, today is barely above freezing and we’re expecting snow tonight. Does this winter seem extra long or is it just me?

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