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White wool?!

March 28, 2014

UntitledAround these parts, March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.  Evidently, lambs are COLD, white and fluffy.  We’ve had so much snow this winter that even Gretchen Greer now prances in it with just a wool sweater.

What you can’t tell from the photo is that it’s pouring snow, and Lady Gg is still bravely ripping and racing in the cold, wet stuff.  I’m especially proud of her because she was charged AGAIN by a neighbor-dog on Saturday, and while the weather helped us choose to skip the walk on Sunday, Monday she was ready to go, and Tuesday in the snow, she was actually the one impersonating Dora the Explorer and blazing new trails.

She wasn’t physically harmed, but I honestly don’t know how much more my skittish girl can take.  We have been assured that dog won’t be allowed loose again, but I REALLY wish my neighbors would just opt-in on the local leash laws.  Yes, we’re in a rural area, but there’s a reason for the laws and Gretchen and I are happy to advocate for the enforcement of said rules.

Happy Thorsday to you!  Are you ready for spring?



March 21, 2014

Sissy DIVA here.  No new photos, because Dadaw was my attendant today.  It was routine eye check, annual stuffs and the most galling of gland issues.  Even for a gal as unflappable and immodest as I… it was intrusive.

Mama says I have to tell you that my eye pressure was 15.  Yeah, that’s on the high side of normal, but I was STRESSED OUT, because the first thing those people did was express my glands.  If you don’t know of what I speak, wade back through some of the early food allergy posts.  It’s rude and uncomfortable, but the sweet relief that follows is worth it.  Plus, all of that scooting has resulted in … road rash on a most delicate rear part and Dadaw came home with a spray to fix that too.  Luckily, despite my high maintenance approach to life, I am unbelievably tolerant of all of this bunk.

56bbc494-721a-45a2-97b0-9eaa9e06b63bDadaw also broke all the rules and let me walk myself to his truck, and only hooked a leash into what Mama calls my “tag collar” at the vet’s.  See… throat pressure increases eye pressure, so Mama and the vet reminded Dadaw of that little factoid.  Mama also reminded Dadaw that I can’t get my much-needed eye drops if I’m on a walkabout.  Uptight ol’ hag, that one…

And can you let Mama – nah, skip her and head straight for Dadaw – know if you find a purdy 1″ purple collar?  Mine is worse for wear and is frankly a bit of an embarrassment in public.  It looks as fuzzy and picked over in person as it does in Mama’s blurry photo.

I sure hope your days was better than mine.  Mama’s must not have been; she keeps talking about being so busy at work, but all I know is she can’t get herself home on time so we’re lucky it’s staying light longer.  Gg’s day was even worse to hear her tell it, because Dadaw left her at home alone while we went out.  The BABY doesn’t do alone.  That one needs to buck up.


Have you seen spring?

March 13, 2014

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  We had Spring, almost Summer even, earlier this week, but it wandered off.  Have you seen it?

No, we don’t have snow again, but there’s a rumor we’ll get more in a few days.  Anything would be better than the cold winds we had today!  These photos were taken earlier this month.  Mama keeps saying she’s not sure why people are so shocked when it snows in March; some of the deepest snows have come in March and even into early April.  We think they must be shocked because snow is winter, and March welcomes spring… one week from today, actually.

UntitledWe’re going to keep looking for spring.  How’s your weather?

Let Us Eat Cake

March 8, 2014

Another Thorsday missed, but at least this time, it was for a good cause.


Lest you think Mama finally has her priorities in order, the woman who neglects us for the League’s sake also made Moggie have a board meeting on her birthday.  At least the cake was cute and it honored Ellie, Moggie’s sweet pup who was surely missing her Thorsday night too.  (Don’t give Mama too much credit; she merely asked another dog-lover, League, baker-friend to make cupcakes for the meeting, and the clever, creative Miss Shannon took it from there.)

Sweet EllieSee?  That’s Ellie and her  mom at another board meeting, obviously one where the weather was MUCH warmer.  I – Gretchen Greer – got to go to a board meeting last year, but didn’t enjoy it too much.  Because of Sissy’s food allergies and that whole being a hound (read: no self-control when it comes to food) thing, she hasn’t been able to go visit the nice ladies.  Plus, who wants slobber-gobbers on their legs?!  (No offense, Sis…)

The good news is, the board showered Miss Moggie with gifts.  As the incoming president, she now has a leadership slate, a budget (cough, cough… a smaller budget than this year’s… which was more than tight enough… not much of a gift if you ask me, but no one did), spiffed up bylaws and policies, AND a brand-new strategic plan.  That one isn’t much of a gift either, because guess what Mama assigned Miss M as her special project for this year?  Yeah.  The dang StratPlan.  Maybe Mama doesn’t give such good gifts to her friends after all, but the cake was cute, and Dadaw let us have a bite, since Miss Moggie sent us  him a couple of cupcakes!

Do your people give better gifts than Mama and her board friends?!

The Other Dog…

March 2, 2014

We have been woefully neglected the past week.  No Thorsday post.  Missed walkies.  We are even out of yogurt for our breakfast.  (Really Mama?!  White rice is not a breakfast food here in our part of the world.  Get it together.  We do like eggs…)

1517495_10101378445755466_1359574843_nBut, we – er, I… Gretchen Greer anyway – are trying to be understanding, because it was all for a good cause.  Mama’s girl group had a big rummage sale (it made us nervous when she bagged up her own donations… seemed too much like packing for a trip to us!) to pad their community programs coffers.  We even donated some of our like-new coats and sweaters, and Mama reports that all pet items were sold by the time she arrived, so I guess we’ll have to be more generous next year.

However, to her credit, at least the event had the word “dog” in the name, PANK on the signage, and it was for a good cause.  And the woman did rush home after clean-up and take us for a quick 4-mile jaunt.  Sissy was a little put-out that we didn’t run, and Mama kept cranking something about being so tired…

Oh — and Miss Cupcake, the chair of the PANK and Dog event and a great dog-lover, did send us the leftover baby carrots from yesterday’s catered lunch.  Licks and love for Miss Cupcake!!

Hope she rested up overnight, because today is supposed to be cloudy but warm, and the woods are calling.

How do you deal with it when YOUR humans mess up your schedule?!