The Other Dog…

We have been woefully neglected the past week.  No Thorsday post.  Missed walkies.  We are even out of yogurt for our breakfast.  (Really Mama?!  White rice is not a breakfast food here in our part of the world.  Get it together.  We do like eggs…)

1517495_10101378445755466_1359574843_nBut, we – er, I… Gretchen Greer anyway – are trying to be understanding, because it was all for a good cause.  Mama’s girl group had a big rummage sale (it made us nervous when she bagged up her own donations… seemed too much like packing for a trip to us!) to pad their community programs coffers.  We even donated some of our like-new coats and sweaters, and Mama reports that all pet items were sold by the time she arrived, so I guess we’ll have to be more generous next year.

However, to her credit, at least the event had the word “dog” in the name, PANK on the signage, and it was for a good cause.  And the woman did rush home after clean-up and take us for a quick 4-mile jaunt.  Sissy was a little put-out that we didn’t run, and Mama kept cranking something about being so tired…

Oh — and Miss Cupcake, the chair of the PANK and Dog event and a great dog-lover, did send us the leftover baby carrots from yesterday’s catered lunch.  Licks and love for Miss Cupcake!!

Hope she rested up overnight, because today is supposed to be cloudy but warm, and the woods are calling.

How do you deal with it when YOUR humans mess up your schedule?!


4 Responses to “The Other Dog…”

  1. Is this thing on? « Chan Knits Says:

    […] has an almost cute, not-quite supportive post of her own on the rat race that was the past week or so.   Launching a new fundraiser is very hard work, and […]

  2. Katherine Says:

    Gretchen girl, once again I feel your pain! Mom and dad have been spending a LOT of time with something they call a “great-grandson.” It’s not so great in our book because we have been left alone. I always handle these things well but Max has a bit of separation anxiety and lets his angst be known in unusual ways (like a wet spot on mom and dad’s bed). He did a lot of nose pointing at me but they knew who did the deed. We just want to keep them on their toes and be sure they don’t take us for granted. Hope life is back to normal for you and Sissy soon. We hear that the kid will be leaving tomorrow, so things here are looking up.

  3. scrabblequeen Says:

    Feeling your pain Gg, we’ve been much neglected lately also. Momma even let that BIG dog come over and hang out in MY house on MY birthday!! She knows I don’t like that…some present! Oh, and not even a blog post to commemorate my turning nine…growls and snorts…Sahsa (and Misty)

  4. kathy b Says:

    Well, we like to sleep more than run….kitties are like that. So we like when the humans are tired and we can lay on top of them and purr while they snore

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