Sissy DIVA here.  No new photos, because Dadaw was my attendant today.  It was routine eye check, annual stuffs and the most galling of gland issues.  Even for a gal as unflappable and immodest as I… it was intrusive.

Mama says I have to tell you that my eye pressure was 15.  Yeah, that’s on the high side of normal, but I was STRESSED OUT, because the first thing those people did was express my glands.  If you don’t know of what I speak, wade back through some of the early food allergy posts.  It’s rude and uncomfortable, but the sweet relief that follows is worth it.  Plus, all of that scooting has resulted in … road rash on a most delicate rear part and Dadaw came home with a spray to fix that too.  Luckily, despite my high maintenance approach to life, I am unbelievably tolerant of all of this bunk.

56bbc494-721a-45a2-97b0-9eaa9e06b63bDadaw also broke all the rules and let me walk myself to his truck, and only hooked a leash into what Mama calls my “tag collar” at the vet’s.  See… throat pressure increases eye pressure, so Mama and the vet reminded Dadaw of that little factoid.  Mama also reminded Dadaw that I can’t get my much-needed eye drops if I’m on a walkabout.  Uptight ol’ hag, that one…

And can you let Mama – nah, skip her and head straight for Dadaw – know if you find a purdy 1″ purple collar?  Mine is worse for wear and is frankly a bit of an embarrassment in public.  It looks as fuzzy and picked over in person as it does in Mama’s blurry photo.

I sure hope your days was better than mine.  Mama’s must not have been; she keeps talking about being so busy at work, but all I know is she can’t get herself home on time so we’re lucky it’s staying light longer.  Gg’s day was even worse to hear her tell it, because Dadaw left her at home alone while we went out.  The BABY doesn’t do alone.  That one needs to buck up.



5 Responses to “Indecencies”

  1. Mango Momma Says:

    Kind of a yucky day all around. Me and momma are in the same boat. Momma has super grouchies because she has too much happening in the work place and it is cold and icky. Me? Well, I kind of would have liked a longer walkie, but better to cut things short than have Ms. Grumpy pants tugging and pulling on me. I did get a game of hide the liver treat and a few tennis ball tosses, but methinks everybody needs a good night’s rest.


  2. Team Beaglebratz Says:

    Hey there gurlfurrend – Diiva Shasta here. You just gotta let your mom an’dad due whatever u need tue keep thoze gland issuez in check an’werkin’rite. A little over a week ago my mom noticed I wuz all swollen around my tail on one side an’I had a small hard lump – well one of the furst thingz she thought wuz I had been vizited by that stoopid c monstah an’she hurried an’took me tue the dogtor. Well, I HAD NOT bin vizited by that stoopid c monstah however I did haf an abscessed gland that soon ruptchured by the time I did c the dogtor. Long story shortened – after sum antibioticz, I wuz good az new.

    Oh an’boutz that eye pressure thing – that kinda soundz like what my mom haz dun whenever she goez tue her eye doctor. So far it haz alwaz bin good – sumtimez higher than other timez butt so far, alwayz on the safe side.
    Diva Shasta

    Note from Mom Kim – just wondering about the allergies – not that Shiloh nor DDiva Shasta seemed tue be really bothered by them but they have been tearing – have tear stains that I can’t get clean much – any thoughts about this?

  3. Sue Says:

    Thought of you this week Sissy. Noah has to have the moisture levels in his eyes checked regularly because of the medicine he’s taking for his tummy. We want at least 12 and his reading was 20.

  4. scrabblequeen Says:

    You Grrls need to go easy on Momma for a while…our momma has had some hard and busy times too, and she needed extra lovies from us for a long time. Truly glad your man was able to handle Sissy’s Dr. Visit. Woofs…Sasha and Misty

  5. Nichole Says:

    Our Mama always haz 2 remind Daddy about those silly little things too… he says she’s uptight too. – Lola

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