Allergies 14.1

Things are blooming here in the woods, so that means allergies are showing themselves too.  Sissy – thankfully! – seems not to have seasonal, environmental allergies, but she and the Knight went back to have her anal glands expressed again and to drop off a special package (read: specimen) we gathered on a walk for just that purpose.  Sis’s bum is looking better, and there’s less scooting and such.  The vet also told me that it’s not unusual to need to express the glands twice in short order when they are as full as Sissy’s were the first time, so they’ll check her again when we go back in about 10 weeks for her next local eye pressure check.

UntitledI apologize for my inability to post consistently on Thorsdays recently.  I fear that trend will continue through at least next month.  But, we’re still logging 20 miles per week, and the girls hopped in the creek on the warmest day this week, so we’re all getting our exercise and Vitamin D, regardless of the otherwise chaos in my/our lives.

Unfortunately, Gg does seem to be true to her terrier roots, and she’s been doing a lot of sneezing and that reverse sneeze thing that almost every Jack Russell I know does.  If she shows any additional signs, we’ll consult the good doctor and make sure she isn’t too miserable.

In other news, I’ve resigned myself to a serious discussion on better living through chemicals for little Gg at her next vet visit.  Being a JRT, she insists upon pressing on, even when she’s having a panic attack.  She doesn’t want to miss a walk, even if passing the biters’ house is almost too much for her.  (And we have to pass it TWICE to get to the woods and home again, poor gal.)

Do any of you have any experience with … psych drugs for your dogs?  I hate the very thought of it and anticipate Gg fighting me every step of the way, because she doesn’t even like pain pills because she fears a loss of control (why yes, I do think I can read her mind), but I also can’t bear the thought that most days, she has some sort of panic attack for one reason or another.


5 Responses to “Allergies 14.1”

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    […] I do have a few things to report though, and for another photo of the girls in the water and an update on them, click here. […]

  2. Sue Says:

    You already know that several of my dogs depend on chemical help. Monty was the funniest. I’d give him valium if there were bad storms in the area and on July 4th. He soon learned that it made him feel better and at the first sound of thunder, he’d come ask me for his valium. I had to tell him no sometimes because the storm wasn’t going to be a bad one. Then he’d just go downstairs and sit in the closet by himself till it was over. Not so dumb!

  3. kathy b Says:

    I don’t have any experience with psych drugs for dogs…but on the people front they are wonderful

  4. scrabblequeen Says:

    Us dogs are doing fine re allergies so far this year….Mom is NOT! She’s been a mess for days, and didn’t even go away this morning, which is most unusual for her. We think doggie psych drugs serve a useful role, one of our friends takes them…
    Woofs, Sasha and Misty

  5. Katherine Says:

    Macy hates pain pills too and also hates to have her teeth cleaned because they sedate her. I think it is a JRT trait–that aversion to loss of control. Macy is also high-strung and has frequent panic attacks–again a JRT thing! She has a near nervous breakdown when we leave the house without her. Max doesn’t care when we leave. He shows us to the door and says, “Bye, have a good time.” And yes, I know what he is saying. Why is it some people don’t understand that? I’m so glad you do!

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