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New digs

May 30, 2014

Happy Thorsday!  Mama is neglecting us woefully, but in all fairness, she’s typing for us while using her phone as a hotspot because our house was attacked by lightning yesterday and… that’s what she has to do to be online.

UntitledWe thought you might enjoy some glimpses at our new walking path.  Mama says it is an old racetrack, as in… horses used to run in circles on purpose there.  It’s kinda’ cool; it’s shaded and nearly wooded on one end and a pretty field on the other.  Mama always points out where the sand the horses ran on is still obvious – duh?!  It’s not the same as beach sand!

Mama says there are wild berry – she thinks blackberries – bushes everywhere.  Do you think the firefighters will come help us pick when they’re ripe?  I – Gretchen Greer – hate blueberries.  Will I like blackberries?  Mama says no, but there was also something about “more for me” in her reply…

 Our yard is RICH with clover.  We like clover.  Dadaw calls it a weed and says it’s ruining the lawn.  What do you think?

Sissy has her regularly scheduled eye appointment in a couple of days, so stay tuned for an update!


The Best Therapists

May 15, 2014

Who can be sad with this face smiling at you?!

It’s a rather brutal time to be a human in these parts, but thankfully, there are doggy therapists on hand to provide exactly what is needed at just the right moment.  How do they do it?  Dogs seem to know when to comfort, when to distract, and when to try to lick your face off.

(And the Knight and I are fine.  We’re just in a life stage where it seems every time we turn around someone we care about is suffering… or worse.)

Thank goodness for dogs and their unconditional love.  But don’t worry; I squeezed in a quick walk between rain showers, a pot luck, and helping with a friend’s final affairs.  I don’t know if exercise really is good for the spirit, but seeing two happy dogs sniff and jump and … be happy dogs sure can cure a lot of ills.




May 8, 2014

Whew.  We almost missed it, but it’s National Pet Week!  You humans are supposed to “celebrate the way pets enrich your lives.”

Get to counting, Mama.

***Mama here.  It might be easier to count if the basset DIVA wasn’t drooling and spinning and spitting as she sails through the air whilst chasing the wee one through the house, over the furniture, through every room, using the sofa as a trampoline…

May 2013 006Meh, either way, I love this sassy, silly, awesome dog.  She has more charisma and character than ten Hollywood stars.

Even though I use HBO words and my back aches when she pulls like a freight train on a walk, her dogged determination live life to the fullest delights me and dares me to make the most of every moment.

13750539303_94811703b7_bI also adore this precious wee one.   She’s a strange mix of fearlessness and anxious timidity, but when she’s happy and secure, she’s a beautiful, bouncing girl.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing Gretchen Greer bound down a trail or bounce through a field.

Getting them the exercise they crave keeps me healthy too, but I also take great comfort in their companionship when I am trying to shut out the world and they quietly insert themselves into my walled fort.  Heck, I even find Sissy’s not-delicate snores amusing and reassuring.  All is right with the world when the DIVA can sleep so soundly, with her puppy – I’m pretty sure that’s how she’ll always view Gg – intruding on her space in the name of togetherness.

And we all appreciate that others are kind to our pets too.  The girls got some pet week lovins’ from some students at our firehouse for an emergency vehicle driving class, and from some of the regulars who are used to Sissy slinging slobber far and wide, and who know to talk sweetly and make no sudden movements around Gg.

Happy Pet Week to each of you from all of us!



Specially-Abled Day

May 4, 2014

2010logoWe missed it, but thanks to Facebook, at least we now know it exists.  May 3rd was National Specially-Abled Pets Day, a day to celebrate those pets that set a good example for us and face their challenges with a smile.

March 2012 006

Of course, our own visually impaired DIVA is our favorite specially-abled, lead by unflappable example around these parts.  I’m not sure I give her enough credit for being a benevolent alpha, my best personal trainer, a sweetheart, a comedienne, and just an all-around good girl.  This picture is worth more than a thousand words; she is my inspiration and indeed, our Princess of Joy, even after being bitten by a neighbor-dog.

(She’s fine, by the way.  We did three glorious miles on Saturday, and five today on our new, safe route, that is also building Gretchen’s riding tolerance.)


Bouncing Back

May 1, 2014

Well… Sunday, we had another encounter with the biters.  One charged out at us, and while I guarded Gg, Sissy stood her ground, sweetly indignant that such a rude creature would rush her/us.  Before I could react, the dog that bit Gretchen over a year ago joined the fray, and Sis was pinned down in the middle of the road.

The other dogs’ owners rushed out and I thought we’d escaped with only emotional trauma and some bite-bruises.  We headed home  post-haste, with Gretchen in the throes of a full-blown panic attack, and an hour or so later, I realized Sissy did have a small puncture wound on her belly/right rear leg area.   She did have some significant soreness Sunday night, but fresh apple cider donuts made the world a better place.  (I’m sure the wound cleaning and Neosporin didn’t hurt either, but what do I know?)


Was this one of our last trips to the trails?

Devastated isn’t the word for it.  Both girls are ready to walk again, but I am not.  Tuesday, we did take the trash up to the road front and then walk the road to our property line, but Gg turned around right at the line and made it clear I’d promised we’d only walk that far.  Sissy was rarin’ to go further, but it was raining and I didn’t want to cause a setback with her stellar recovery.  (I couldn’t even find the wound last night; I thought it was just a glob of dirt at first glance.)

I honestly don’t know what’s next.  I don’t want to discuss the legal ramifications… just whether or not I dare walk my dogs ANYWHERE again.  There are simply too many loose dogs on our road.  I could drive them to the trails we have access to, but Gg hates the car almost as much as she hates to be left behind.  Clearly, I cannot keep my dogs safe and that is something I’m struggling with too.

Sissy proclaimed her recovery complete yesterday, but Gg is still extra-anxious and I am just … distraught.  We love our walks and runs, and most of our neighbors are truly wonderful, but there are at least three who feel it is their right to let their dogs roam, and they don’t seem to care that I have no confidence in their notions that their dogs are friendly enough, and clearly, the leash law doesn’t apply to them.  I can’t put an animal control officer on speed-dial either, so … again, I’m at a loss.

How am I to exercise two very active dogs if we don’t walk?  I can go run on the elliptical, but they can’t, and their efforts to do yoga with me aren’t appreciated either.   Is there a website where I can find truly dog-friendly walking paths?