Bouncing Back

Well… Sunday, we had another encounter with the biters.  One charged out at us, and while I guarded Gg, Sissy stood her ground, sweetly indignant that such a rude creature would rush her/us.  Before I could react, the dog that bit Gretchen over a year ago joined the fray, and Sis was pinned down in the middle of the road.

The other dogs’ owners rushed out and I thought we’d escaped with only emotional trauma and some bite-bruises.  We headed home  post-haste, with Gretchen in the throes of a full-blown panic attack, and an hour or so later, I realized Sissy did have a small puncture wound on her belly/right rear leg area.   She did have some significant soreness Sunday night, but fresh apple cider donuts made the world a better place.  (I’m sure the wound cleaning and Neosporin didn’t hurt either, but what do I know?)


Was this one of our last trips to the trails?

Devastated isn’t the word for it.  Both girls are ready to walk again, but I am not.  Tuesday, we did take the trash up to the road front and then walk the road to our property line, but Gg turned around right at the line and made it clear I’d promised we’d only walk that far.  Sissy was rarin’ to go further, but it was raining and I didn’t want to cause a setback with her stellar recovery.  (I couldn’t even find the wound last night; I thought it was just a glob of dirt at first glance.)

I honestly don’t know what’s next.  I don’t want to discuss the legal ramifications… just whether or not I dare walk my dogs ANYWHERE again.  There are simply too many loose dogs on our road.  I could drive them to the trails we have access to, but Gg hates the car almost as much as she hates to be left behind.  Clearly, I cannot keep my dogs safe and that is something I’m struggling with too.

Sissy proclaimed her recovery complete yesterday, but Gg is still extra-anxious and I am just … distraught.  We love our walks and runs, and most of our neighbors are truly wonderful, but there are at least three who feel it is their right to let their dogs roam, and they don’t seem to care that I have no confidence in their notions that their dogs are friendly enough, and clearly, the leash law doesn’t apply to them.  I can’t put an animal control officer on speed-dial either, so … again, I’m at a loss.

How am I to exercise two very active dogs if we don’t walk?  I can go run on the elliptical, but they can’t, and their efforts to do yoga with me aren’t appreciated either.   Is there a website where I can find truly dog-friendly walking paths?




10 Responses to “Bouncing Back”

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  2. AlisonH Says:

    Why not put animal control on speed dial? Do you have a smartphone? I know your first priority is protecting them but I’m sitting here wishing you could get video of those dogs. Isn’t there any repercussion for the owners for having dogs that bite and attack? Here the owner would have to show why such a dog shouldn’t be put down–incentive enough to control them. I’m so sorry you’re being put through this again.

  3. Mary Says:

    Really sorry to hear about this. I know it is hard for you. Maybe a car trip for Gg would be worth it if you can find a safe haven for your walks.

    DH has had similar encounters when walking our dogs around our street which is shaped like a giant number 6 with the circle part approximately 1/2 mile distance. He walks our two dogs around it on leash at least three times a day, sometimes more than once though the pups are getting up in years. He has talked to folks who let their dogs run loose or whose dogs escape their yards on a regular basis. Most just swear at him. Lovely.

    Several years ago, one dog ran at them on a night walk, but our boy-dog made short work of him with a Tyson-like move to its ear. Now when dogs come at them, DH just pulls our dogs close to his side and stands his ground. There hasn’t been another attack, but plenty of near encounters. For that reason, I do not walk the dogs in our neighborhood, but take them around our back yard only (1 acre). I just do not want to deal with possible encounters.

  4. nancytimber Says:

    Your neighbor’s lack of respect for other people and their pets makes me angry. I’m sorry you and the fur-girls had to go through this trauma again.

  5. Krystle Says:

    I wish I had a good answer for you, but I don’t. I know that it must be so scary, and you are probably really really shaken up. I know I would be.. Your girls are your baby, and you want to keep them safe–I feel like fencing or some sort of barrier would help, but you are “out in the woods” and I don’t think it is practical to fence the whole road or trail or something… I do think Gg would get used to car rides if they became the normal route to the trails…

  6. The OP Pack Says:

    Since this is not the first time these dogs have caused a problem for you, I would put animal control on notice without a second thought. If nothing else, maybe a visit to the owners will shake things up. And at the same time, you are establishing a “history” for those dogs. It is not right for them to continue this irresponsible behavior.

  7. Sue Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this all day and here’s my two cents worth. First I would put Animal Control’s number on my phone. Back in Maryland I turned in a neighbor who let her dog roam and bother other dogs. It was anonymous and they picked up the dog. She had to go retrieve him, pay a fine and was told to keep hm confined or he would be removed permanently. It worked.

    Next, this might be exactly the way to accustom Gg to the car. So far her trips have been unhappy ones, usually to the vet. This way she might learn to associate the car ride with a pleasant event such as a walk and lots of treats. Dog learn quickly and I’ll bet she’ll start making the connection faster than you think.

    I have a neighbor who moved in almost two years ago. She has a big dog that refuses to stay in his yard, roams the neighborhood and steals things and charges my fence growling and snarling at my dogs. That’s how Syd got hurt a few months ago.

    I try to only let my dogs out when I’m sure he isn’t outside to bother them, but she called me the day Syd got hurt. Rob was at the vet with her and the neighbor called specifically to tell me what a hateful person I am. She used the word four times in the tirade. Apparently her dog should be able to wander the neighborhood freely whenever he feels the urge while my dogs should be locked up at all times. She went on to tell me that my blog is hateful and I say hateful things. She’s one of the religious crazies that they seem to grow around here. I just hung up on her.

  8. Nichole Says:

    What the bloody h&&l is wrong with these people? I mean, seriously? They are well past lucky in that you have not taken legal action against them yet….. and if they cared any one bit about THEIR dogs, they’d have fixed this issue long ago. I feel badly for their dogs… they’re lashing out and to me, that not only means they have not been brought up well, but that they are not loved well either (after all, if they were loved, their owners would keep them on leashes to avoid the possible legal ramifications which could result in their dogs’ loosing their lives).

    Is there not a leash law in your town??

    Would Gretchie do a little better with a short car ride if it meant she were going someplace where she would get out and go on a nice walk (i.e. a ride to a local park, track or someplace safe)??

    I’m so sorry you and the girls have to deal with such blatant disrespect for others.

  9. kathy b Says:

    this sounds horrid, but I carried mace when I walked Huck. I had occasion to use it twice. It is legal to carry. Once the owner said, flat out, “She deserved that, Im sorry’
    the other time was crazy. The man whose dog was attacking us claimed i sprayed his SON in the eye with mac e. THe police came and I explained that Pediatric RN’s in general do not harm their population. The police just said the guy was nuts. Our dog shop carries a loud air horn that you might want to consider to scare the other dogs away with.
    im so sorry. Those encounters had me shaking in my shoes for weeks.

  10. monnibo Says:

    That makes me so angry! Irresponsible owners—they definitely deserve Animal Control visits, especially if this is an on-going issue.

    I agree that associating car rides with non-vet activities might be a good thing. Henry, although a cat, now knows that car rides in his harness (not the carrier) generally mean visits to my parents house.

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