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Eight is Great

June 1, 2014

UntitledToday we made the trek north for Sissy’s quarterly eye exam with Vision Vet.  I am very happy to report that her pressure was 8, which is low, but low is good for Glaucoma Girl.  Gretchen even almost traveled well; she did pant a lot and stood for the duration of both 2 1/2 hour rides, but she didn’t pace whine, or try to leap into the front seat and/or my lap.  Victory!!

Vision Vet and I have agreed that we’re going to call this ending a rough month for both of us on a high note, and we’re discussing how to just skip May next year.  Yeah, some of my favorite people have birthdays in this month, but otherwise, I don’t have much nice to say about it this year.  However, another good eye exam is ALWAYS worth celebrating!

Sorry for the very brief post, but we still have no internet per se, and my poor iPhone hotspot is only so strong.