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You Won!!

December 6, 2012

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  It’s a very fun day here at the office.  Yeah, we’re working girls for a few days, but we let Uncle pick the winner of our contest, and the lucky pack belonging to Karen will get to go shopping at Mr. Chewy’s!  Our mama will sort out the details with your mama…

Why yes, I am comfortable.  Someone has to be the overseer, and I’m the girl for the job. 

photo.JPGThe photo of Sissy at the office is most indiscrete, but…  that’s our Sissy DIVA.  Luckily, she does awake and serve as greeter when clients come in, or when Dadaw and his assistant come back to the shop.  Geeze.  Does your family embarrass you? 

Full disclosure:  Mr. Chewy sent us noms (there are some just to the right of the desk blotter, not that you can see them) and he sponsored the give-away, but our opinions are our own.

A gift for you!

November 29, 2012

Happy Thorsday!  It’s especially happy for us, because Dadaw’s home.  He wandered off and came back with Wisconsin Cheddar he won’t share with us and a weird drawing of what must be one of his green fire trucks.  (Edit from Mama – Indeed, he went to a pre-construction conference for the new fire engine.)

Anyway, Mama has a review about the big box of goodies we got from Mr. Chewy.   All you need to know is they have great stuff, ship fast, and don’t we all love those boxes that are for us?!  Mr. Chewy and his peeps are really nice and gave us a $25 code to give to one of you.  Mama said you needed to be new to, but we don’t care.  It’s rude to give gifts with strings attached, right? 

So go read Mama’s review and just leave us a comment here telling us what you’d like best from, and next Thorsday, we’ll pick a random comment as the winner.  Good luck!


January 19, 2012

That’s what we call kisses in the woods.  Well, it’s what the females call ’em.  Dadaw just calls ’em … kisses.  Boring, eh?

Anyway, we’re all up for the big Blogville Valentine’s Day Pawty!  We love kisses, so we’re all over this.  Of course, Sissy is already a self-cornated queen, but she’ll be in the Valentine’s Day Queen contest, and Gretchen just wants to be in the Kissing Booth and GIVE lots of kisses.   It’s for a good cause, so won’t you join us?

And happy Thorsday!  That means it’s almost Friday which means the weekend is almost here.   We plan on holding both Mama and Dadaw hostage this weekend so that they focus exclusively on us!