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March 21, 2014

Sissy DIVA here.  No new photos, because Dadaw was my attendant today.  It was routine eye check, annual stuffs and the most galling of gland issues.  Even for a gal as unflappable and immodest as I… it was intrusive.

Mama says I have to tell you that my eye pressure was 15.  Yeah, that’s on the high side of normal, but I was STRESSED OUT, because the first thing those people did was express my glands.  If you don’t know of what I speak, wade back through some of the early food allergy posts.  It’s rude and uncomfortable, but the sweet relief that follows is worth it.  Plus, all of that scooting has resulted in … road rash on a most delicate rear part and Dadaw came home with a spray to fix that too.  Luckily, despite my high maintenance approach to life, I am unbelievably tolerant of all of this bunk.

56bbc494-721a-45a2-97b0-9eaa9e06b63bDadaw also broke all the rules and let me walk myself to his truck, and only hooked a leash into what Mama calls my “tag collar” at the vet’s.  See… throat pressure increases eye pressure, so Mama and the vet reminded Dadaw of that little factoid.  Mama also reminded Dadaw that I can’t get my much-needed eye drops if I’m on a walkabout.  Uptight ol’ hag, that one…

And can you let Mama – nah, skip her and head straight for Dadaw – know if you find a purdy 1″ purple collar?  Mine is worse for wear and is frankly a bit of an embarrassment in public.  It looks as fuzzy and picked over in person as it does in Mama’s blurry photo.

I sure hope your days was better than mine.  Mama’s must not have been; she keeps talking about being so busy at work, but all I know is she can’t get herself home on time so we’re lucky it’s staying light longer.  Gg’s day was even worse to hear her tell it, because Dadaw left her at home alone while we went out.  The BABY doesn’t do alone.  That one needs to buck up.


Gobble, Gobble!

November 28, 2013

UntitledHappy Thorsday and Thanksgiving!  We can’t have turkey – Sissy’s allergic – but we’re still celebrating – with fresh blueberries and Banilla yogurt.

Do you get to count your blessings with your people today?  We’re thankful for walks – even if we haven’t had one since Monday – and Sissy-friendly kibble, Mama and Dadaw, and each of you!  Thanks for being our friends.

Enjoy whatever you do today!

New Diagnosis

November 7, 2013

Look at that waist. Do I look like a food addict to you!? (Never mind. Who cares!? It gets me more pumpkin in my food more often. SCORE!)

Hi.  My name is Sissy and I’m a food addict.

No, seriously.  It’s in my chart now and everything.  Gretchen Greer isn’t being snarky; I’m doing this post on my own, while everyone else makes jokes about my latest trial and tribulation.  Only my pawsome vet, Dr. D., isn’t razzing me about my exploits.  She says she has the same problem, and prescribed high-fiber add-ins at both of my meals.  (Extra smooches for her next time I see her.  I really do have the best vets in the world.)


Mama here.  No, we are QUITE serious, or at least…  Dr. D. and Sissy are.  The Knight is blaming Sissy’s probiotic, but Dr. D. did some research and couldn’t find a SINGLE report of dogs developing extreme hunger or behavioral issues from said product.  Just the same, she agreed it wouldn’t hurt to step Sissy down to a maintenance dose.  This week, we’re doing a half of a packet daily.  Next week, we’ll do half of a packet every other day, and then we’ll drop to half a packet once a week as long as Sis’s digestive system is running … well.

I’m blaming our new schedule that is rather short on routine.  The dogs and I are still logging 20+ miles a week, but I’m gone longer most days than I was with my other job, and the Knight comes and goes very sporadically.  I also moved their morning meal up 30 minutes and their evening meal is still at the same time.

I know several of you have smart, athletic dogs that counter cruise, steal food, etc.  Have any of them been slick enough to get an official diagnosis AND treatment that encourages more human ad-ins!?

Taco Faerie

October 30, 2013

This is for Alison and Fudge, and everyone else who loves puns, fairy tales and silliness.

Once upon a time, there lived two dogs in the woods.  These were no ordinary woods; they were magical.  Deep in the woods lived an old Ent, and he watched over the woods and all who passed through his woods.  He was well-connected with the other magical creatures.  It was rumored that the Easter Bunny hopped through the clearing near the river in the summer, and when the leaves begin to fall, the elusive Taco Faerie might be seen darting along the paths, frolicking with the deer and the horses in the nearby fields.


Gretchen here.  I’ll take it from this point, Sissy.

Sissy has never sat through an entire fairy tale in her life, whether Mama was telling us the story or I was reading it to her.  At least now you know how Mama got the idea that we wanted to be a taco AND a faerie for Halloween, and we have documentation that Sissy can not only spell frolicking but she used it in a sentence.


The Taco Faerie might have stolen some cheese

Hold on…  The DIVA wants to finish her story.  Please note that I have no part in her punny fairy tale confusion!

Gretchen seems to think some of you have never heard of the Taco Faerie.   I know better!  Everyone knows that when humans put money through a neighbor’s window without getting out of the car, the Taco Faerie rewards them for their generosity and kindness with a yummy, crunchy taco and a carbonated beverage.  So of course, you know why our costumes do make sense.  Poor, overly intellectual Gg.  She can read in three languages but she’s weak on her folk lore.

Happy Howloween!  Are you dressing up?

About that routine…

October 10, 2013
joan pic 006

Shadow in the toy pile at work

Happy Thorsday!   This is a bit of a drive-by post, as the humans are busy with the closing of the business, which we hear will bring on even more changes.   However, we hope you’ll think calm, transitional thoughts for Shadow.   Shadow started out as Pop’s dog, but Pop – Dadaw’s grandfather – died, and he went to live with MJ & Dae… Dadaw’s parents.

Just a few weeks ago, Shadow’s step-brother Nick crossed the bridge, and then there was a foster puppy who was only around for a week, and now… this.  Shadow came to work every day with Pop, and then began riding in with Dae, so he’ll be retiring too when the business closes.

I’m sure he’ll adjust.  The inlaws go RVing a lot, and he (and Nick) always go along, so he’s accustomed to just doing what his pack is doing.  But all the packing up and clearing out of 80 years of business is rather stressful for him, so feel free to cross paws, sling drool or whatever works for you in the name of sending Shadow some doggy bloggy love!

Lest They Forget

August 22, 2013

January 2012 007Queen Sissy DIVA, Best in Show 2011 here.   Happy Thorsday!  Every once in a while, the staff – also known as Mama and Dadaw – need to be reminded who is in charge. 

Oh, I do appreciate that Mama insists upon delaying our walks when it is very warm.  And I am grateful for Dadaw’s sharing nature – except for his pillow.  The man is downright rude about his pillow.  Claims I heat it up and then he can’t get to sleep.  Have you ever heard such nonsense?!

But sometimes, I just have to assert my authority.  Here’s my favorite way to do it.

Last night, I slipped up on the sofa and put my head in Mama’s lap.  Then, when she put the laptop down, I climbed into her lap.  Then, she knew what was coming and started to try to name her terms, but it was too late; I assumed the position. 

Oh, I wish Dadaw would get a photo.   I put my front feet on the arm of the sofa, and my bottom in Mama’s lap, and I hold that pose as long as I can, even as she fusses.  In fact, the more she fusses, the happier it makes me. 

Of course, you gotta’ crane your neck around and make kissy-face with her.  That makes her laugh and gives me an extension on the amount of time I can enforce my authority.

How do you remind the humans who is in charge?

Calling All Paws

August 1, 2013

Kinda’ crossed paws?

Happy Thorsday!   Our friend Ellie is ailing again.  Crossed paws would be appreciated (even though we’re jealous that Ellie gets to go to lots of League meetings with her mom while we have to stay at home).   Please cross paws too for our friend Stirling, who has joined the ranks of those fighting the dreaded cancer.

But it’s also Miss Katherine‘s birthday, so we’re hoping Macy and Max will give her licks and love from us too!

Colorado Thoughts

June 13, 2013
November 2010 003

11-10 Not-so-fire-suits

We’re crossing paws for Colorado.  Mama has friends who were evacuated, and they were lucky enough on Wednesday to get permission to go back for their horses too.   If you’re on Facebook, please consider sharing or at least liking any of the found/missing pets for that area; we’re all so interconnected these days you just never know.  If you aren’t friends with us or Mama, leave a comment and we’ll fix that!

Love your pet day

February 21, 2013

2 years ago, but repeated regularly

So, yesterday was Love Your Pet Day.   We got to go to work with Mama, not because she knew it was such a day, but because when all the trade-certified employees go to training, we come to work to visit with Gramma.

Like all kids, we LURVERS our gramma.  She lets us get away with everything, slips us extra goodies…

Do you have a gramma or a faerie dogmother?  We’re lucky… we have both, and awesome aunties and…

Oh!  Happy Thorday too!

Thanksgiving Thorsday

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating!  It’s kinda’ appropriate that Thanksgiving is always on a Thorsday, as Thor’s pack really goes all out for the day.  We saw a Thor-like mastiff at the vet’s on Tuesday, but Mama had her hands full (with us) so there’s no photo evidence.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see another mastiff on the dog show after this stupid parade is over.

That’s our Thanksgiving tradition…  we get Mama up same time as always, and then we pile up on the sofa.  We sleep through her parade thing, and even Dadaw joins us for the dog show.  Don’t worry; we’ll get a great walk in later today too, and we’ll get some special holiday noms even.

Mostly though, we want to count our blessings.  We’re thankful for each of you, our doggy bloggy friends, for a safe, comfortable home, for caring human parents, for walkies, and for any special day where at least one of our humans hangs out with us all day.