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Casey Jones Bones!

June 27, 2013

WF%20Carrot%20GingerHappy Thorsday!  We want to thank the pack at Lapdog Creations for our Casey Jones Bones.   So far, the carrot ginger are our favorites.  It means a lot to us that our friends are on the lookout for Sissy-friendly (read: basically vegan, corn-free) treats.  Some experts claim dogs don’t like variety, but we sure do! 

Do your dogs seem to like variety?


May 30, 2013

dd2b8eb57840d3c8cea36a04c0da1d54Happy Thorsday!  We’re very excited about a package that came our way recently.  Earlier this year, our friends at Lapdog Creations reviewed some Tricky TrisKuts products, and when the nice folks at Tricky TrisKuts learned of DIVA Sissy’s food issues, they kindly sent us some of their sweet potato Chomper’s Choice treats

They’re Sissy-friendly (vegan and corn-free) and fur-girl approved.  I tried to get a photo of them enjoying their treats, but the problem is…  the treats smell so tempting that Gg dances and Sis drools and that just doesn’t make for a pretty picture.

What really impressed me – beyond sending my high maintenance, special-needs girl a full-sized, free sample – is that Tricky TrisKuts emailed back and forth with me when I thanked them for the goodies to find out what independent pet food stores are in my area, so that we don’t have to order online.   There is one store, about an hour away, so for now, I think we’ll just order the peanut butter variety from Tricky TrisKuts’ webstore.

Has a pet product vendor impressed you lately?

Spreading the Joy

December 27, 2012

Mama does the 12 Days of Christmas, so we’re still celebrating!  We’ve had Dadaw’s special salmon for dinner three nights in a row, and Sissy got to sample the special Grandma Vallie (Dadaw’s granny) strawberry cake cupcakes, but I told on her and then somehow, *MAMA* was the one who got in trouble.  What?!  Dadaw’s taking this whole DIVA can do no wrong thing a little too far.

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Courtesy of Shutterfly

Everyone loved our card this year, so here’s a glimpse in case you didn’t get to see it.  Dadaw’s aunt by marriage did the painting.  Isn’t she talented?

Mama always has to find a card with “joy” on it since DIVA’s registered name is Princess of Joy.   Our favorite story about the card is from a distant cousin of sorts, by way of (one of) our beloved auntie(s)…  Seems the elder cousin by marriage to Auntie remarked, “… and isn’t it cute that the big dog is winking at me  How did they get her to do that?!” 

Hem.  Auntie didn’t even bother to explain.  She just giggled, and said yes, it sure was cute and no, she didn’t know how the artist got Sissy to pose like that.  More hemhem. 

212108317_lgWe have too many favorite presents to list too.  Auntie K – Mama’s sister – gave us some really cool sock monkeys with squeakers.  Sissy got a big one, and I – Gretchen Greer – got a wee one.  We are taking them everywhere with us right now.   That means we had THREE monkeys in the bed with us last night, because we are still very fond of the singing monkey Dadaw got for us a few weeks ago, just because we’re cute and he loves us.

Did you get some Christmas goodies?  


Royalties are in order

December 20, 2012

Happy Thorsday before Christmas!   Frankly, we find this human hoopla a bit much…  extra parcels everywhere (but some smell like they’re for us, so that’s good), a fake tree inside, ribbons and paper everywhere and Sissy keeps getting told not to put her nose/drool/whatever on stuff…


Auntie Sus sent Sissy this ornament.  Thanks, Auntie Sus!  We all – especially Mama – lurvers it very much!   But look at our header.  I think someone stole our thunder!   Maybe we need to hire an attorney…

Anyway, we wish you a merry Christmas and we hope all of your meaty bone dreams and squeaky toy wishes come true.

Logical Choice!

July 19, 2012

Happy Thorsday!   I have a happy story to share…  A good while back, Hound Girl had a contest, and we won!   And I mean, we REALLY hit the jackpot…

The contest was for a gift certificate from Nature’s Logic for the food of your choice, from a local retailer.   Awesome, as they have both canned and frozen varieties that Sissy could have. 

… not awesome, because it turns out that we no longer have a local NL vendor.   However, before I could even despair, the NL gift-giver person noted that under the circumstances, they’d just ship me the canned variety directly. 

Now…  if you live in a bubble, maybe you didn’t immediately get that the postage for 6 cans of dog food isn’t cheap.  They could have totally mailed me a gift certificate good at one of their online retailers, which would have honored their prize obligation, and indeed, I would have been happy.  Instead, Nature’s Logic took care of assuring that I wasn’t inconvenienced at all, and the box arrived on my doorstep in a hurry!

I didn’t include a photo of the stuff, because frankly, I find canned almost everything pretty disgusting, and dog food is probably second only to canned SARDINE dog food.   But the girls LOVE this stuff, and I love the quality – and the incredible customer service – so, we’re sold.   I’d still like to try the frozen rabbit variety, but with 100 degree daytime highs, even if I could find it “locally” (read: 40 minutes or so from home), I wouldn’t want to purchase it right now.

I’ve never fed canned food regularly.   I have this notion that dry kibble helps keep the teeth clean, but Sissy has a tartar problem nothing is helping, in addition to her very special diet.  Do you feed canned regularly?  If so, how?


July 12, 2012

We have the bestest fairy dog mothers!   Sue and her pack really know how to spoil us. 

July 2012 019

First up – of course! – is the DIVA herself, doing a pretend “no pictures” pose in her new, purple-ish Princess tiara.  Really, she’s just having a good stretch, and do note that she can do so without disturbing her crown.  Talk about to the manor  throne born!   As the card with the package said, a DIVA dog can never have too many tiaras.

July 2012 021Of course, Sue would never forget me – Gretchen Greer.  Despite an outside temperature over 100 degrees the day the package arrived, I darted away when Mama tried to take my new pretty frock off.  Even when we did the photo shoot a few days later, you can see I was rather guarded and more concerned about when she was going to strip me of my beautiful new dress than about posing for the camera…  Don’t you love how the fluffy neckline gives a nod to both me and my Sissy?  Thanks so very much, Sue and all of the gang!  We love our presents and the treats too.

Oh – and happy Thorsday!   We hope you’re getting spoiled by all kinds of nice people too!  

If you don’t normally read Mama’s blog, you might want to stop by today.  She’s sharing a really special piece of art, with the prettiest subjects ever!

Flowers on Thorsday

March 15, 2012

Happy Thorsday to you!  Mama is still finalizing details on the Five Sibes book blog tour, so just stay tuned and we’ll host them soon enough.   It’s a really cute book though; we’ve read it several times!  (Well…  Mama and I have.  I’m not sure Dadaw’s read it and who knows when Sissy is paying attention?!)

Instead, we’ll distract you with Mama’s new favorite photo of Sissy, and one of me just because Mama says that’s only fair.

March 2012 006

Sissy is a hoot, isn’t she?  And yes, her nose used to be darker.  Mama is guessing the immuno-suppressants Sis was on a couple of years ago did it, as the only other dog-ma she’s spoken with who has seen the same thing happen has a dog also on those drugs.

November 2010 066

That’s the original nose.  Do you have any experience with such?

March 2012 008

And that’s the fair air time photo of yours truly.  I’m not as into wearing non-clothes as Sissy is, but we thank our Auntie G very much for thinking of us!

Care. Share. Wear.

October 1, 2011

Just a quick shout-out for a fundraiser we almost missed.  Okay, we did miss it, but luckily the deadline was graciously extended.

I’ve mentioned Blind Dog Rescue Alliance before.  While Sissy isn’t blind, she has already lost one eye to glaucoma and we’re fighting the good fight for the other eye, so we’re a little passionate about this organization.  Their slogan “Blind dogs see with their hearts” just makes me melt, as do their seasonal “buttons”.   I’d love a long-sleeved tee with that one on it… pumpkins, pretty leaves and dogs, oh my!!

Anyway, no thanks to Facebook and their crazy need to change just for the sake of change, I missed 27 other notices about the special fundraiser Three Scoops of Vanilla was having yesterday for BDRA.   There’s even a special bracelet with a little charm designed just for BDRA.

Yep.  One is on its way to us.

Do let us know when your favorite charities have special fundraisers!

Thorsday 1.1

September 1, 2011

In case you didn’t get the memo, we’re honoring our departed friend Thor in part by carrying on his Thorsday tradition.  Y’all know it’s still dogs on thursday and little friday, but we’ll be calling it Thorsday indefinitely, ‘kay?

August 2011 001

A peek at our yummy cake

It’s no small irony – because nothing was small about our big friend Thor –  that on the very day he left us to go play with Mugsy and Fred and the other pets across the Rainbow Bridge, Thor’s sweet mom baked us a cake for Mama’s birthday, and yesterday the Brown Truck man at work brought Mama said cake, just in time for my belated birthday celebration.

So, thank you Miss Marjie for our scrumptious cake that was made with special consideration for Sissy and her food issues.  We all had a piece of that yummy cake, right after Dadaw and I took care of the big ol’ copperhead in MY PEN.

Hrmph.  Mama won’t share the photo Dadaw took of the beast.  Something about too many of you don’t like snakes.  Whatever.  I wasn’t scared; I backed that thing right up under the deck stairs and yelled at it and yelled at it to leave until Dadaw came and made me come inside.  Then HE ran it out into the yard and cut it to bits with with a shovel.   Mama was all smothery-mothery when Dadaw made me stay inside after he “rescued” me; she had to touch every hair on my body and even places I don’t have hair to assure herself that I was just fine.

Hrmph.  Where does she think I got my dainty and tough composition from?!  Mama is still plenty tough, but she also looks so ladylike when she’s dressed up…  I’m a cracker-Jack Russell Terrier after all!

August 2011 011

Doesn't it look good?! No, I wouldn't stand and pose because I knew mean Mama was trying to take my pretty from me!

Anyway, in honor of my day, Auntie G also sent pressies for all of us.  Mama and I are fighting over the necklace.  It’s tiny, so it must be mine, right?!  But no, mean ol’ Mama put it in HER jewelry chest and has it around HER big ol’ neck today.  Hrmph.  (Why yes, I am saying that a lot today.  I’m indignant.  Yes, that’s the word for it, Sissy… trust me.  Just go back to using that purple nail file Auntie G sent you…)

You’ll have to click over to Mama’s blog later today to see more of the gifties.  I suppose I should also show you the PANK frame she bought off Etsy for me.   The nice folks – Sadie, her human and the cats – at The Beaded Tail tempted Mama with it on one of their friday features. 

So, happy Thorsday everyone.  We should all be so gentle and good, at least on Thorsdays…

Too Hot Dogs

July 21, 2011

Happy dogs on thursday!  Just a little drive-by cuteness for you.  Our blogless friend Mary and her husband came to our neck of the woods last weekend and we got to hang out at their campsite Friday night. 


Mary brought us these spiffy bandanas.   Sissy’s is actually a lovely periwinkle, for the record.  It’s ridiculously hot here, so we weren’t about to pose outside in natural light!  Thanks, Mary for the gifties – including Mama’s tea that she won’t share – and for dinner.  We liked all the fruit and veggies, not to mention the cuddles, the tour of your camper…

Stay cool!