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End of an Era

September 26, 2012

This year’s competitor’s badge

Our hearts are breaking with the rest of Doggy Bloggy Land.  The King of said empire, Mango of Mango Minster, has crossed the bridge.   Our deepest sympathies go out to his pack, his wide, wide world of friends and fans. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t once again thank Mango, his mom and that grand bit of fun Mango Minster for the friendship and support, especially when Sissy lost her eye.   I’d feel guilty about rocking the sympathy vote that year (2011), but …  it was sorely needed and really lifted my spirits.  Sissy enjoyed all the special attention too.

Comments are off, as we are just share the news and our sorrow.  Please direct any condolences to Mango’s grieving family.


Spread the love

February 14, 2012
January 2012 005

Christmas Eve kisses for Mama

Unless you’re new here, you know we’re all about love.  There have never been two sweeter, more loving girls… in any species!  So we’re a little miffed that the humans aren’t taking this love-day thing more seriously.  Work, meetings, and poor Mama even has a dental appointment – whatever that means.  Doesn’t sound fun though.

Anyway, there’s so much to tell you about today.  It’s our pal Fudge’s birthday, so rush over and wish him well!  (And you have until … noon? today to vote for his daughter Bailey in the Adventure Dog category.)

Then, there’s the Pillars of Strength bloghop. 

We don’t even know K’s pack, but our doggy bloggy friends asked us to be a pillar of strength, and of course we are all in.   Regular visitors and friends will know that Mama and Dadaw lost their Hooey (aka: Fred) to cancer, and there have been too many other losses to that dread disease to try to mention them all. 

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(Mama botched the linky thing all up, thanks to WordPress and its anti-Java and her antique computer at work.  Hrmp.) 

February 2011 006

Roughly a year ago...

This is also the perfect time to thank everyone once again for all the support last year when Sissy’s glaucoma battle was raging and ruling our lives.  Now it’s part of our routine…  Mama and Dadaw just juggle life around that eye drop every 12 hours, and except for walks down our dead-end road, Sissy never leaves home without her emergency eye pressure care kit.

Anyway, we wish we could give each of you licks and love, face to face.   We hope you and your pack have better Valentine plans than we do in the Woods.


Vote for me – er, us

February 10, 2012

October 2010 028An old, two-eyed shot just because it’s the one that spoke to me…  Love those head tilts.  Aren’t they cute?!

Which brings me to the point of this post…

Mango Minster voting begins on Sunday.  One vote per household, per category.   Sissy sure would love to have a good showing as she’s defending her title and all.  However, we have friends in the same category and they sure are cute too…

Here’s the schedule so you can follow along!

Good luck to all the competitors! There’s not a bad choice in the bunch.

Royal Veto

January 12, 2012
January 2012 011

It's MY tiara!!

It ain’t easy bein’ Queen. (Apologies to Kermit the Frog.) Mama had written up a great post for me…

Pardon me. Gretchen has informed me that first, I must wish you a very happy Thorsday. NOW I can get back to my explanation of the royal veto.

See, it’s Mango Minster time. Mama checked with Mango’s Momma to see if it was bad form for me to defend my title. (Gretch pointed out part of being a DIVA is having bad form sometimes. I don’t think that’s a compliment, but whatever.) The officials said “Why not?!” so Mama commenced with the entry.

September 2011 009

Smart AND cute, no?

Luckily, Gretchen can read and stays on top of things like this. There are new categories this year, and while I’m sure I could have done quite well as an Adventurer, I could also have challenged as a working stiff, since being Queen is tough and I moonlight as Mama’s personal trainer…

Anyway, after Gretchen read all of the categories to me, I thought it was pretty dog-gone clear that the best show I have at defending my title is in the Cute category. After all, I’m stunning and all, but this wee one has cute all locked up, and if I may say so myself – and I have shoved Mama and Gg aside to take matters to paw – there’s nothing cuter than the two of us fur-girls snuggled up in a knot. Besides, even if someone thinks I shouldn’t win two years in a row, surely they can’t hold my title against tiny, precious Gretchen Greer… right?

So without further delay, here’s our official entry in the Too Darn Cute category.

DSCN0859_edited-1We’ll start with one of my own puppy pictures. I’ve heard it said over and over, there’s nothing cuter than a baby basset. Mama never got a photo of me tripping over my ears, but use your imagination.

Trust me… it was CUTE.

Anyway, that’s baby me and my brother Mugsy. Don’t miss the way I’m hugging him with my tail. I luvered him a lot even though I think I mostly got on his nerves.  I think of him sometimes when Gretchen is using me as furniture.  I can’t even pretend I wonder where she got that idea…


Then, there’s me and the baby, as we still sometimes call Gretchen Greer. Everybody say “Awwwwwhhhhh”.


Do your teeth hurt yet?  (Mama’s teeth hurt if something’s too sweet.)  Baby Gretch looks like a stuffy, no?

IMG00008-20090322-1720[1]That’s Mama’s all-time favorite snuggly-girl photo.  It was her wallpaper on her Blackberry.  Gretchen says to tell you we snuggle like that just about every single day of our lives.

No, we aren’t related by blood.  I’m a Basset Hound you see.  I was registered as a lemon and white, but I darkened up as grew up, and Gretchen and I still look like a matched pair, even though she’s all Jack Russell Terrier.

May 2010 007This entry could last forever… in part because we really do have a lock on this cute thing.  Mama gets a big kick out of dressing us up.  I like crowns.  Gretchen likes frocks.  Call it what you like, but it adds up to cute… right?

And part of my charm is that I really don’t pay any mind to Gretchen when she leans on me, stands on me, etc.  In return, she tries not to look really grossed out when I accidentally wipe my mouth on  her.  (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?)

January 2012 005We think we’re the cutest when we’re lovin’ on our peeps.  This is shot from Christmas Eve.  Mama wanted to show off our pretty scarves, but we thought she needed Christmas kisses!

What’s cuter than puppy love?!  We’re big on love.  Who doesn’t love love?

Oops!  We thought we were done, but Dadaw says no cute entry is complete without us in clothes.


Photo by Anita

What’s cuter than us stomping around in our tutus?!

Good luck to everybody else.  (Gretchen made me say that.)

Live the Adventure!

January 12, 2012


This post is NOT a Mango Minster entry. It was supposed to be, but Sissy issued a royal veto… see the next post!


February 2011 001

Sissy MM 2011

Mama here.  While the Mango Minster experience really was the balm that hurried on the healing (not HEELING – Sissy doesn’t do that) last year, we weren’t sure about entering this year.  I mean…  is it proper for Sissy to defend her title?  (Yes.  Mango Momma said so.)   However, we were still on the fence, because we’re still in mourning for Thor and…

Did I mention Sissy has a title to defend?  Unless you’re a first-time visitor here (and if you are, WELCOME!!), you know that when the officials at Mango Minster gave her the green light to try to defend her Best in Show title, the Queen DIVA, MM BIS 2011 put her foot down…

So here we go!

First order of business:  Happy Thorsday!  We dedicate this year’s Mango Minster entries to the memory of our beloved, departed grand gentle-judge, and to all the other MM associates who have crossed the bridge. 

Second order of business:  Details, details.  Please visit the official MM website.  The categories have changed.  The deadline to enter is February 5th. 


Given the new categories, Queen Sissy DIVA (her stage name, she says), BIS (best in show MM 2011) has decided to toss her tiara in the Adventure Animal ring.   For the queen, life is nothing but an adventure. 


As a pup, she hung out at work and met lots of people… and rocked the cute factor for extra treats.  (Ah… the joys of a family business.  Grammas are suckers!)


While still a pup, she ventured to the beach and discovered that hunting sand crabs and racing on the beach is pure bliss.


Photo by Anita 2008

January 2011 003To hear Sis tell it, she’s a great hunter who has traversed the globe sniffing and seeing great game.   However, many of you know that about a year ago, glaucoma took her left eye, and we’ve had to be very serious about keeping her on a short leash for her own safety.  I – Mama – worried it would break her indominable spirit, but other than a few hours post-op, she never checked up.

September 2011 008

Purple cheetah courtesy of Digital Cheetah

Now you can tell folks you’ve seen a one-eyed, no-horned, furry purple cheetah eater.  Can any of the other Adventurer contestants say that?!

January 2012 010

And she does it all in DIVA style, while wearing a tiara.  Sissy’s motto for this year is Life… Live the Adventure.

2011 Review

December 29, 2011

Happy Thorsday to you!  The last Thorsdays of 2011…

Gretchen Greer here…  Since we’ve been abandoned a lot recently, we’ve had a lot of time to look back over the year.  Do your humans do that?  We also get thrown outside while Mama wraps pressies.  Very rude, I think, but I’ve also seen the wet paper tear from Sissy shoving her nose in the way…

January 2011 015

One week before her left eye was removed

January was a very tough month at Haddon Woods.   Sissy lost sight in  her left eye on Christmas Eve, was diagnosed with glaucoma, and had her eye removed on January 10th.  This appears to be the last photo with both eyes, and it’s a good example of glaucoma warning signs.  The eye is not reactive (note how the eye ON the left of the photo is squinting but the already blind eye isn’t), it’s glassy and “hazy”, and it’s red around the white.    We’ve all learned a lot about glaucoma this year.

DSC01629By February, things were pretty much back to normal.  We got to come to work with Mama & Gramma while all the guys went to school.  (*I* still have never been afforded any educational opportunities.  Maybe 2012 will be the year?!)

February also saw both of us have great success at Mango Minster.   (Look for the 2012 show to start soon!)  I won reader’s choice in my division, while Sis won her division and then worked the sympathy vote for Best in Show.  We’re all still suffering for THAT one, but it cheered her and Mama up considerably, so thanks to all the judges for helping turn the tragic tide of early 2011.

Photo courtesy of Mango Minster

March 2011 004

Me rocking one of our prizes from Lapdog Creations

Everything was pretty normal until May, when Mama ditched us AGAIN (she left us for the first time EVER in January).  Don’t tell her, but we kinda’ enjoy it.  Dadaw gets us breakie from IHOP, and while we miss our walks, we love having Dadaw under our paws for a couple of days.

2011 was a pretty lucky year for us.  There’s the whole Mango Minster multiple wins, Mama won a few things at her gala (and from other contests), and we won several give-aways from Lapdog Creations


Sissy the lap dog at new friends' campsite this summer

We had birthdays, we met new friends, and we said good-bye to some big bloggy friends too.   Mama says that’s how life works… ebb and flow, ups and downs.  Personally, I like the ups.  The downs are sad, and I don’t like sad!

Best of all though, Dadaw taught us all a new phrase that opens all kinds of doors.  “… because she only has one eye.”  He uses it to excuse virtually anything Sissy does, to get Mama to walk us in the rain or cold, etc.  

photo.JPGOh!!  I almost forgot…  we did finally get back to the beach.  (Thanks, Sis.  You ARE helpful once in a great while.)  Dadaw says we’re going back very soon.  Hooray!!  I can’t wait to chase the birds, and maybe Dadaw will take Sis sand crabbin’…

We hope your 2011 had more ups than downs, and we wish you a 2012 full of extra treats, long walks and whatever else wags your tail.

Mangominster Award – part 1

May 19, 2011

Happy Dogs on Thursday and little friday!

Gretchen here.  Some of you may have figured out that I’m a lot more like Mama than Sissy is, so when I won the Readers Choice Award for my category in Mangominster, it took us – Mama and me – a VERY long time to settle on a prize.   The awesome Pumpkin gifted me a Cafe Press gift certificate.  (Pumpkin’s shop here)  


Some of you might have seen my awesome PANK ceramic bowl on Facebook.  See…  I’m a little picky about my food bowls.  I won’t eat from metal, and Mama won’t feed me from plastic, so… ceramic it is. 

photoThe bowl is a SMALL.  It’s a little BIG for me, but I’m going to use it anyway because it’s MINE, and I lurvers it.  Thanks, Pumpkin. 

Dadaw is excited about the size because he agrees that Mama is ALWAYS trying to STARVE us.  I won’t wish her away too soon, but I wonder when Dadaw might feed us again?

Do you have special bowl requirements?   Sissy, like the boy-dogs before us, is only allowed to have metal bowls, because she insists on carrying them around when she wants a snack, and ceramic might break – the bowl, me, a human foot…

Drum Roll Please…

February 14, 2011

January 2011 016Our lives will never be the same now that Mango Minster 2011 has come to an end.  For the three of you who didn’t hear Mama whoop and shout, allow me – Lady Gretchen Greer the Crup, Readers Choice Mango Minster 2011 Insane Cracker Dog – to present my sister…

Wait.  Somebody get the orchestra playing, “There she is, Miss America…” 

It is my honor to present the DIVA formerly called Sissy, Haddon Wood’s Princess of Joy, the newly crowned Best In Show, Shameless Doggie DIVA, who now will only answer to Queen DIVA Sissy, Best in Show

Photo courtesy of Mango Minster

Mama borrowed the coronation photo from Mango Minster’s post.  Yeah Sis, I see the tiara.  Just remember, I don’t care for anything on MY wee noggin, so I’m not THAT jealous. 

Oh – and of course, Sissy wants to know if Mango’s mama has any fabric left over from the snazzy purple suit.  Hem.  Sis?  Mama can’t sew, and I don’t think you get a tailoring allowance as part of your award package.  

I do have to urge you to go read Judge Frankie’s whole presentation.   At least I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow; I’ll be trying to help Sissy understand what a great responsibility rests on her bony shoulders.   Maybe it won’t be as hard as I’m fearing… she’s been focused on her platform – canine glaucoma awareness and education – since Mango Minster was first announced, so with a little luck, she’ll take off her tiara and open her ears…


The Queen Diva on ONE of her thrones

Sissy here – I do want to thank everyone again and again for voting for me, visiting our blog, and I especially want to thank the judges, sponsors and hosts of Mango Minster.  I was a little worried this morning when I was visiting the other Best of Show dogs’ blogs that Mama hadn’t made it clear that I fully intend to use my new TITLES!!  (two!  I’m so excited!)  to help promote my cause.  Gg needn’t worry either; I’m aware of my duties as the most visible DIVA in the doggy bloggy universe, and I will uphold them with pomp and pride.

Now…  I’ve heard that Mama has extra funds in her party dress budget…  Gg?  Let’s go shopping!

Gretchen once more – we do want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!  Licks and love to one and all!


Most Pupular

February 12, 2011

Goodness!  What a week we’re having in the Woods!  First, Sis wins the Shameless DIVA and Doggy category in Mango Minster, and now, Lady Gretchen Greer is the Readers Choice in the Insane Cracker Dog category.   She celebrated by dancing on her hind feet while nibbling at my fingers – seriously.  You have to take my word for it though, because Chief Knight is at a field/brush fire, and Sis’s nose is too wet and big to work a touch screen.

January 2011 022

Gretchen here.   Scoot over Mama, because I want to thank everyone who voted for me personally!  Wow!  I had no idea that I was so popular.  It’s truly an honor to be a winner at Mango Minster, but secretly, I’m glad I don’t have to compete against Sis in Best of Show.   She has some tough competition to be sure!  Hey Fudge!  We’re the popular kids, huh?  Have I said “Wow” lately?! 

Speaking of Fudge, please stop by their pack’s blog and wish Samba well.  She’s such a great role model for a girl… she’s smart and devoted to her human mom and to her pups, so we hate to see that she’s having more trouble with her illness.  Since we’re on guard for more trouble with Sissy’s remaining eye, it’s especially upsetting to hear our friend Samba needs some extra care.  Won’t you pause to wish her well and send out good vibes, prayers… whatever?

Next time Sis shoves me out of the way and says “Make room for the Queen!” I can at least  point out that I’m the Readers Choice…

Don’t forget to check the Mango Minster site for Best of Show.  I’m sure it’s coming up any moment…

PS –  If Sis gets a big purple sash and a tiara for being Queen Diva, do you think I might get a little PANK scarf or something?  I don’t like anything on my head, but I did really like those beads Mama brought us…

Best in Show Entry

February 11, 2011

Queen DIVA and her court

Gretchen here.  Mama has cracked down on Sissy’s use of the word staff…  I am her little sister, not “staff”, even if I do get stuck writing her posts, letters, emails, etc.   I don’t know why Mama’s so annoyed at Sis; she’s the one who put the title “Princess” in her name, and she’s the one who entered Sis as a DIVA…

So, before it’s too late, here’s Sis’s entry for Best in Show.  (Please don’t forget to vote – for me today/Friday, for Sis in Best of Show tomorrow/Saturday!)

February 2011 003

I might be Queen Shameless DIVA now, but I still have manners, so I’ll start my Best of Show entry out by thanking the hosts of this fine event, the judges, my fellow competitors, and the voters for allowing me to represent all the shameless dogs and divas for the next year.  I should also thank my family – Mama, Gretchie and Dadaw – for supporting and in some cases even contributing to my DIVA ways.   I look forward to lending my permanent wink to Mango Minster as the Best in Show spokesdog for the upcoming year too. 

PS – Can someone PLEASE tell Mama I need a tiara and professional photos?!