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One Day of Fall

November 14, 2013

UntitledHappy Thorsday!  We only had one colorful fall day.  Normally, the trees on our road are spectacular, but this year, the frost and the Indian Summer and the rain all arrived at precisely the wrong times.  Please enjoy our lone photo of the color we did get… seriously, just on one day, before it rained and the wind blew, and that was that.

The fur-girls don’t care much at all.  Gretchen isn’t crazy about all the crunchy leaves on the ground, especially when she is searching for the perfect place for some relief, but Sissy loves to leap and pounce in the leaves.

How was your fall color display?



May 2, 2013

Beauty BoyHappy Thorsday!  Just a quick flashback…  our first basset Fred was born 17 years ago today.  We only had about 11.5 years with him before cancer took him from us, but that was plenty of time for us to fall in love with the breed.

Miss you, sweet Hooey.

Stranger Danger!

March 28, 2013

Warning… rant ahead.  We’ll wish you a happy Thorsday though.

photo.JPGYesterday, we set out on our walk.  Around the mile mark, we encounter the end of state maintenance on our road, and as fate would have it, the school bus was turning around, so we had to wait.  There was a little pheasant or some other ground bird running around in the field, and of course, my girls went nuts while we waited.  As we headed onward, I noticed a strange-to-me dog lurking at the woodline, and thought little of it.

About a quarter of a mile in, Gretchen stopped trotting out in front with Sissy and dropped into a tight “heel” position, which is her way of telling me she’s frightened.  Our farmer neighbor who lets us use their paths passed about then, and after we finished waving and stepped back in the road, I saw we were being followed by a LARGE Saint Bernard (mix?) and a Blue Heeler.  We kept walking, because I hoped they’d go back “home”, but I soon realized they were steadily gaining on us, and the Saint had that poor bird, dead, in its mouth.

I phoned the Knight and ordered a RAPID pick-up.  We kept walking, and I tried to emit a calm I didn’t feel.  About the time I was pondering our options, the cavalry rode in.  I loaded the girls quickly, and as we pulled off, Gg barked her head off and the strangers headed for the river.

We live in a rural area, and I know most of the dogs, but we’re seeing far too many loose dogs of late.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done if the Knight hadn’t been at home to rush to our rescue, or if he’d delayed even a moment longer.   Maybe they would have been scared off if I fussed, but Pepe – the dog that bit Gretchen – wasn’t.  Dogs pick up on Gg’s stress too, and feed off of it.  My ordinarily sweet Sis goes into protective mother mode, and the other dogs pick that up too…

I do carry doggy mace, but again… we were over a mile from home on a dead-end road. 

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  


Licks & Love

October 4, 2012

January 2012 005Happy Thorsday!  There’s so much grief and suffering in doggy bloggy land right now, so we’re just doing a drive-by to send licks and love to all those in need.  We’re keeping our paws crossed for lots of you too… too many to mention.

(Yes, it’s a Christmas photo.  It’ll be here again before you know it.)

Do let us know how you’re doing, especially if you’re on our crossed paws list.

Yellow Day

October 2, 2012

Today’s a yellow-letter day in Doggy Bloggyland.  The humans have Livestrong and a bunch of other let’s fight cancer together sites and organizations, but the pets have We Livestrong Today.

Beauty Boy 2I guess I’ve been too wrapped up in my own little world.  I know I’ve seen that moving, powerful graphic before, but I can’t believe I’ve missed this cause two years running.  You see…  it was almost five years ago to the day that our Fred was rushed to the Vet ER, and three days later, we had to help him cross Rainbow Bridge because they couldn’t manage his pain. 

I wish we’d had time to fight, but Fred did cancer on his own terms, which is how he lived his entire life.   I still mourn for our beloved Hooey, talk to him daily, and am grateful for the bassetitude he brought to our lives.  He hated for me to cry, so I have to end rather abruptly.

Livestrong, for Fred and everyone affected by cancer.


Shop for a Cause

August 23, 2012

Happy Thorsday!   Just a quick little drive-by post for today, but it’s an important one.  If you haven’t already purchased your ticket through your favorite non-profit, would you consider supporting BROOD – Basset Rescue of the Old Dominion? 

The details are on their site (linked above and via the image), but in short, this Saturday you can shop at Macy’s, even online, and get a 25% discount, a chance to win a $500 gift card, and the entire $5 ticket price goes to BROOD.

Shopping… my civic duty.

Working Thorsday

August 9, 2012

photo.JPGHappy Thorsday!  We’ve been working girls this week.  Wow, this work stuff sure takes a lot out of a fur-girl.  Good thing there’s plenty of room to relax between jobs…

What do we do?  Well, we greet the people, from co-workers to customers to delivery folks.  We help Uncle with lunch.  We keep Mama “circulating” with little walkies.  We keep Dadaw’s lap warm.  And Dadaw’s assistant calls Gg a paperweight, because she likes to just sit on Mama’s desk…

Are you a working dog?


Small Milestones

July 26, 2012

Happy Thorsday!

Photo credits in link – click!

While Sis had another good eye exam and we don’t take those for granted, we’re also celebrating a few “little wins” for Gretchen Greer as well.  Last week, she managed to let our neighbor who teaches people how to drive a cart – a pair of ponies connected to a pretty little “wagon” – pass by without flipping out.  She went on alert, stayed in her right-sided heel (both because I can shield her and because Sissy already knew to heel left), and only gave one kinda’ mild bark!

Another “borrowed” photo – click for credits

Yesterday, a wild turkey hen passed just a few yards in front of us.  Evidently, Gg knew it was “game” and not a neighbor-threat, because while she tried to pull and we picked up speed, she didn’t bark at all, and Sissy just whined her heart out while pulling and racing too. 

Progress!!  I’m so proud of Gretchen.  Overcoming fears is tough work, especially when you’re tiny and the entire world looms large.

Are you celebrating any little wins or milestones?

City Dogs

April 26, 2012

Happy Thorsday!  I have a question for those urbanites out there…


Mugsy, humoring me as a purse dog 2008

Let’s backtrack.  I was in San Francisco last week, and I delighted in the canine presence on the streets, from the wee, young Scottish Terrier in a large tote, to the MASSIVE white Great Dane hanging out while his owners dined el fresco for lunch, with countless sightings in between.

I was jealous.  My own girls were back home with the Knight.  Now, neither of my girls are meant for the hustle of a city.  Gretchen would have a panic attack and even hiding a purse would find her unglued.  Sissy?  Well.  If you’ve read more than oh… one post here, you might guess that while DIVA would LOVE to walk the streets ANYWHERE, she simply doesn’t get boundaries, much less that not everyone wants to speak to her… or for her to greet them.  Hem.

Anyway, I know the fair Lucy gets to go to a special bar that likes doggy guests, but have the rest of you gotten to go out on the town?

Paws to Remember

April 10, 2012

Knowing it is coming doesn’t really soften the blow.  Please pop over and extend your sympathies to the Portie Pack

Tsar 11-14-01 - 4-10-12

I’m sure there’s a cool spot with your name on it over the Rainbow Bridge.